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Bronchiectasis & Nebulised Course Of Hypertonic Saline 7%

Well What Can I Say A Week Into A 2 Month Course Not Coughed Anything Up ... I Had Such High Hopes .... Can That Mean Am Cured Or Is There Something Else Going On

Literally One Fart And A Fingertip Of Gunk Or Lung ....... To B?e Honest Must Be Going Threw My Holes In Lungs As My Breathing Is Tad Worse Than When I Started

Have Tried Everything To Help Move It ... Well Apart From Good Kicking :O

But I Am At Loss As To Why Nothing Is Coming Up ..... Could It Be There's Nothing There To Come Up ..... Or Is It Being A Hard Of Nails S###

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I have bouts of not bringing stuff up however I have come to believe its because it cant come up.

I have asthma as well which means my chest goes tight. Im on Neulin and inhalers to try to keep my tubes open.

Maybe it could also be with the warmer weather you have 'dried' out abit?

Anyway keep an eye on it any sign get to the dr post hast which is where Im going today with yet another chest infection. Im afraid once the damage has been done you cant 'get better' from it you just have to control it the best way you can.

Keep smiling ;-)

Cheers Think Warm Weather As Not Helped ... Do Keep Hydrated Am Like A Tea Urn :)

Cheers Will See Lung Nurse Tomorrow

Hi I've been a member of the bronchiectasis r u site for years. I personally am always able to clear gunk out, sometimes too much at times. But some on the site very rarely cough or have much to clear out. M

Cheers .... Is Defo A Pain This Being ill If Its Not One Its Other :O

Hi Daz

Very similar to my good pal Mocarey -defo get up loads, especially after hyprtonic.. There are indeedy some bronchiectatics who get up very little gunk, although in the main most do. It does not mean however they are cured.

I assume if you are nebbing 7% hypertonic it would have been decided by your consultant and you hopefully went to be assessed first. Since you say it hasn't helped you and you feel your breathing is a tad worse, it might be an idea to contact the nurse team who assessed you or your consultant's sec.

Good luck Daz.

Love cx

Am Going To Have To Do Something ....

But Have Stuck With It As Hypertonic Saline As Meds To Stop Infections Init ... But Have Noticed My Mucus Is Pretty Thick ..... Now Using It Where As Before I Started Using It Was Lose

All Probably Pop Round ..... Can't Hide Then :)

Hi again Daz

Hypertonic saline is not really to stop infections as with antibiotics. It is supposed to draw moisture into the lungs which is supposed to help in releasing sticky mucous from the tubes and therefore easier to get up. Just wonder if it is getting the thicker stuff up which you normally find difficulty moving. It doesn't suit everyone, hence the assessment and I think the fact you feel your breathing is worse you need input from a professional.

Good luck and please let us know how you get on.

Love cx

Cheers Will Do :)

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