Been to bed,not feeling too good

Hi Everyone ,

I have spent most of the time in bed over the last three days,

Terrible pain in my right side and breathing not to good.

Hope to be back with some humour soon


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  • Take care Richard xx

  • Hi tell the pain to move to the left hand side of the bed and give you a break. Haveyou been eating someone's chocolate to make you sob?

    Seriously feel better soon, I miss you! Ok can I have my arm back now it really shouldn't go that far up my back.

    Tina x :)

  • That's not cricket at all. Hope you have been turning as the pressure sores will make life even yuckier :( Get better soon, you are missed. :)

  • KOTC

    Being the life and soul ... as you are

    ..... can take it's toll .......

    Hope you have someone looking after you .... you look after us with your humour

    Please do as you are told

    You are 'told' to see your GP!! By me......

    and I am sure loads of your friends here who know you much better than I do...

    Behave and look after yourself


  • Get better soon Richard, hope you've seen the doc. Libby x

  • Hullo, King, here I am, clutching some grapes, a health drink and a copy of the Coughin' Times. Seriously, are you looking after yourself, they dont come like you very often, do they!!!

    Big time hugs -- Annieseed XX

  • Just get better, we all love you to bits. Have you seen the doc, do you need to?

    If you need a lift, I can drive to Malvern tomorrow and take you. Just let me know first thing.

    Lynne xx

  • Get well soon KOTC.

    Sue x

  • Get well soon xxx

  • Hope you're soon better. Take care. x

  • Take care Richard,thinking of you :)

  • Hope you feel better soon Richard.

    Love cx

  • So there you are, we've been wondering. Much as we like the humour well settle for you and wait for the humour. Hope the doc is coming do as e says take all meds nag nag nag.

    The place just ain't the same without you. Good to hear from you King.

    Get well soon,

  • Get well soon xx

  • Hope you feel much better tomorrow x x

  • My best get well spell is flying over to you right now, it will aid in the swift recovery of our favorite joke master & all round good egg

    Wrap up warm, use Badger to ease the pain a quick stroke of the silky ears or a lick of the hand lift the spirits far quicker than any antibiotic

    Please get well soon Richard


    The Witch


  • Take care and get better soon. Its been toooo quiet on here



  • Get well King as I'm missing your great sense of humor and your musical knowledge. Keep taking the pills and get some more rest and you'll be just fine, it sounds like its another bought of Blogitis or did you mow that meadow of yours.


  • Hi Richard

    I do hope that you are on the mend.

    Love and hugs



  • Oh dear, have you got pleurisy?

    Hope that by now you've spoken to the doc and are on the mend. Take it easy xx P

  • Hey King, missing you. Get well v soon, you hear? :-) :-) Alison

  • Take good care of yourself!

  • hope you feel better soon xx

  • Oh King,have been missing you,wondered if things were not right with you.

    Do hope you have seen the quack,dont play around with those things.

    No wonder its been quiet on here!!

    Big hugs,love,

    Wendells xxx

  • Hope you get better soon .

    As we all need your happy jokes and (humer ) hope i spelled it right .get better soon.


  • Richard I hope you you are better soon. I hope you have seen the Dr.


  • Hope you soon bounce back Richard Joyce

  • Hope you feel much better tomorrow.

  • Hope you feel better to-day. love & xxxx's

  • Hello Richard sorry to read that you are not well, please get better soon, I'm sending you a bucket full of get well wishes, love from HP xxx

  • Hope you will be better very soon, you must look after yourself, hope you have seen the doc.

    polly xx

  • Go and see the doc. Get better soon

  • Hi Richard

    Hurry up and get well soon as I have got nobody to nag me at the moment. And I just can't handle all these wimmin on my own.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery


  • I hope you're feeling a bit better this afternoon, Richard. Take care of yourself.

    Gina x

  • Hi KOTC sorry you are not feeling good. Please contact your doctor just in case. Get Well ....Adrian

  • Wishing you well again soon King and hope you'll soon be feeling easier. Big hug :)

    .Lovelight xx

  • Hope your feeling better this morning take care x

  • Hubby and I wish you well King


  • Hope you feel better soon Richard. Take the advice see the Doctor, Malk

  • Hi, king, hope there treating you well in there, best wishes


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