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Air or lack

Work up at 5.30 this morning coughing took my pumps and antibiotics and tables 8.00

Ok felt good so i phoned my son to see if he was still going to town .no so i still went

got to town and from were i parked the car to the shop was about 2 mins in my chair .

Got in shop had attack took my pump and so went back to car got half way i had to stop

as i could not breath so took my pump again got back to car and rested a stranger put

my wheelchair back in for me . Got home wife went mad as she fond i went alone

the rest of today not to bad until tonight had to go on the inibiliser. It is the first time I

had to take it in front of a friend i never seen him go so quick . But i think i found out

why i am like this to day i now have two infections lung and bladder . What more can

happen i do not know .never mind nice day tomorrow so going back to town with wife

and my other son may be i get what i went for today . Live is to sort to let any thing get

in my way i hope .good night and god bliss. David12

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Oh David,going on your own,was not a good choice! Do hope you feel better soon,& after having a good nights rest!

Take care,Wendells xx


Hope you have a much better day today and get to do everything you want to. Joyce


Oh I hope things improve for you quickly. It is not the best idea to go alone. I have been widowed 4 years now and with my illnesses I have found people drifting away from me. Got to go on my own all the time. It is hard lifting the oxygen concentrator in and out of the car and as I have severe osteoporosis I now have 5 spine fractures which won't heal. It makes lifting the concentrator a dangerous job. I know how miserable it is on your own. Please don't do it unless you have to. I am on oxygen 24hrs a day and I can't go out at all once the temperatures drop outside. I am trying to get out as much as possible in the 'Summer' weather. I hope your infections clear up quickly. Take care of yourself.


I was in a similar situation. Wasn't too happy about driving or walking from the cat park to the shops.. Busses were ruled out because there was always someone who insisted on having a bath in cheap, heady perfume which caused my lungs to pack up for the day but certainly woke up my cough. I found a solution.....£275 worth of second hand mobility scooter. Got to be one of the most social was to travel. Take it easy, don't try to push past other folk and the majority of people you meet will be pleasant, charming, always have a word with you. Only had the chariot a couple of weeks and I now know some "strangers" and we go and have a coffee together. I can take all my medication with me....I find it brilliant. Interested.?...don't look on e-bay, try Preloved or shop notice boards.


Oh David Hope you are feeling much better today. That is a lot of infections, you must feel dreadful. I am presuming you have been to the Doctors and have the antibiotics. Just take it easy and let the drugs do their job. I know how difficult it must be, it is for my husband. The nebuliser really frightens my youngest daughter - when he was very ill and needed it I got him to continue to play scrabble with her which made her realise it was helping him. Wonder why they have to be so noisy? Take care and look forward to feeling better. TAD xx


Hope you are feeling better - I guess it was not a good idea going out on you own I must admit I get a little scared when I read these things although I have had COPD for about 5 years I am not on oxygen just puffer and some inhaler - I do have steroids and antibiotics

to take when my cough is bad and I cannot sleep very well I try not to take them too much as I believe steroids have lots of side effects - but still we have to carry on I guess - I do admire your get and go spirit keep strong


Yea I'm the same as you Bluee22, I have only taken steroids once in 5 years. The inhalers I use cause enough damage to my skn, only have to touch it to get a bruise, a knock causes the skin to tear, people ask me if I'm self harming. I go to the gym at least 3 times a week, I think that helps my breathing so much


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