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Hiatus hernia and food

Hi ,on sat I went for a meal with a friend,it was quite a heay meal as we were leaving got a bit out of breath,tonite went or a birthday meal with my daughter same thing happened as I was leaving the pub,is this normal .i do have asthma and hiatus hernia,I don't normally eat big meals at home,as I live alone

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Large meals are not easily tolerated when there is a lung problem, if you start to notice these and other symptoms more often I would mention them to your doctor. Fizzy drinks can also have this affect so you may want to be aware of that.

Its nice to have a meal out though :)

Agree with Blakey hun. Hope things improve for you.

Love cx

Thank you xxx

Hi Louise, This always happens to my husband! We were out on Saturday night - had a lovely meal with friends that went on too long! When we got out of the restaurant he was very SOB and needed a good 5 minutes to recover. This has happened regularly for a couple of years. I think it has definitely something to do with eating too much - better to eat a little ! and he also finds it quite stressful at the end of a meal saying goodbye to everyone. Just because he is trying to regulate his own breathing after been sat down, the change of temp. to outside and trying to say good bye. Much better if we eat earlier rather than later and little rather than a big heavy meal. BUT we still keep going out! Just need to find your own comfortable levels and take the stress out of life as much as possible. Take care lots of love TAD xx

Thanking I will mention to my doc as I'm seeing him tomoz,but on thinking back it's beefing happening for a year or two,but it's starting to put me off going for a . Meal if this is allways the outcome ,

No don't let it affect your life!!! If you enjoy going out - do it, it would be more miserable if you didn't. AND I am probably exaggerating it doesn't happen every time! We have just learned to choose restaurants that are on the flat - (nightmare if the toilets are up 3 flights of stairs or the entrance!) - make sure there is good parking. We try to leave the restaurant after everyone else - dont have to worry about other people watching us! PLEASE try to continue to enjoy life! Look after yourself and take care, TAD xx

Yes I know wat u mean,wat with asthma and hiatus hernia,, I also suffer from panic attacks,plus it was very very warm in the restaurant and that did concern me,ther wer no windows open,it's just I dread this happening every time I go out

I suffer with my hitus,the foods I eat,small portions all the time,drink plenty water in between eating ,gets food down better for me,no hot drink tea coffee etc/least for half hr then I wait till its gone warm not hot,3hr b fore bed have nothing just drink water,bin working ok ,I have meds for it,but goin hope 2morrow for tubes up my nose with camera on then home then nx day bak for them out,c wat that acid reflux is doing in there,watchin ppl eat whatever nice thought but never mind,

Let me know how u get on love,I will discuss it with my doc tomoz,when I had my endoscopy a few wks ago they said small meals little and often,ther allways seems to b some health issue to spoil my day,

was on way to hope bldy hired car broke down,rung the firm sent a truck no spare car,me an daughter had just left the car there after ringing them up.told them shambles and keys be at my home,told us don't leave it well we did,rung hope got new 1 for 24july no rushing nhs then,got my mony bak 2day for car,ad waited all that time havin copd is bad enuff without hitus playing up,take care

Hope ur ok now Carroll let me know .hugsxxxxx

ave calmed down just was fed up wi all waiting and got wait again now

Ok love xxx

Im just so sick of these breathing probs caroll,I'm just o upset,no one seems to take me seriously,I'm really down

Don't know weather it's my lungs or hh that's causing all this bother

it be hitus cs it effects my breathing an ive piked an infection up from sumwere.waitin till 6 for gp ring me I want abs now wile its new .but if u think its ur lungs ring fir appointment with gp or nurse or go town walk in ,don't leave it louise be a pest like me they get paid

eh ur not on ur own louise come on buck up .im takin u serious and cum on hear anytime always some1 will help u,is ur daughter near u er place I mean .u no wat I think u should get on rehab programme meet others like us ye,or ring blf an they will speak to u,they will always get bak to u,take care ye.u no I was in a tunnel once but came out of it saw a lite at the end ,u no wat appened,my ex took another wife only forgot tell me ,well I divorced him/as the alky thought be ok have two hear an other town/well hes other town 2nd wife gone /oh dear shame im hear with my 4 kids and grandkids an 1 very special granddaughter /gets anything of me she does missed the great there with granddaughter out.

Awww thanks ,it was just me sounding off,it gets to me sometimes caroll,doc has changed my inhaler,took me off seretide,gave me a good examination,feel a bit easier in my mind now ,hugs xxxxx

good why doc taken u of seritide an wich inhaler u on now ,take care

hi how are u .do u go breathe easy,the nx meet is on 2july ther be 3 speakers there .dr georges ng man kwong dr naseem gill kathyrn taylor ,

Good luck tomoz ,thinking of you xxxx

thanks ,got every other appointment out of way just this 1 left don't fancy it but will go have waited 29week ridiculous

That's awfull waitng so long,last time I saw my gp he said if this hh doesn't settle he'll recommend me for keyhole surgery

I have hiatus hernia problems. You already have had some excellent advice so I hope I dont repeat what has already been said. I get on better with two starters. I seldom eat out in the evening. What really gets me, apart from the quantity, are fish and chips which will always be thrown up. I do find I get even more breathless, and even more difficulty walking. after eating.

All the best, Louise. Love Annieseedx

Yes that's it ,the walking out of the restaurant. To the car bit,ud have thought Id just smoked 10capstan full strength,it was only a couple of mins but felt like an eternity thanks love no doubt it'll sort itself out,I was very anxious before I'd left the house,do that didn't help,if I get out of comfort zone iv had it

fish chips is a no for me,i gey cod fillets no batter at Iceland its the batter an grease of chips,all food done in oven or boiled an yes small portions

Digesting the food uses extra oxygen which may or may not have some impact. I tend to also go for two starters and try to leave as long as possible between eating and having to get up and leave.

Thank ou,

Hi Louise, I know just what you mean. I began suffering with this problem 4yrs ago and thought I would never enjoy a meal out again. I decided I would try ordering small portions and it worked. I can even enjoy a glass of wine or 2, but do not overdo the wine or you will have reflux. Hope this works for you. Take care Maximonkey

Thank you love xxx

I was diagnosed a few years back with hiatus hernia stayed loyal to meds until I had cramps etc so stopped....have not taken for couple years and all was well until a new symptom appeared.... and has been going on for couple of months....palpitations after eating....which last almost the whole day.....apart from frightening they are a nuisance had ecg and doc sounded heart and put me back on esomeprazole 40 mg a day it is not helping at all and I find these attacks quite scary.....and was wondering if a larger dose would make them abate....I am going on holiday soon and dread seven days of palpitations....of course not knowing if it is the hernia or something else just adds to the distress....thank you for you reply if you have had this symptom

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