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Can anyone remember the name of the person that had the endonbronchial lung valve trial?


i I have just seen the consutant with a view to getting this procedure. I know there is a long way to go to see if I am suitable, but the ball is rolling so to speak. I just wanted to know if the person was on oxygen at the time. I am going for the full breathing tests on wednesday, then go back to the clinic in 2 months time. I was looking for some insight into what is entailed, so if anyone can help it will be much appreciated.


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johnwr has had pulmonary lung valves,



Well done Lib xx


Hi Ingrid, I underwent EBV placement, which unfortunately was not successful in my case because I suffer from "Collateral Ventilation" (lots of info on the net for CV). Hopefully you will be more successful. There are videos on YouTube which shows the whole process, just type in "Endobronchial valves". Stay well. Martin


Hello Ingy, I am doing the same as you. I have had the ct scan and a lung function test and have seen my consultant who has written to the specialist in Cardiff who does the procedure and I am waiting to here from her. Can I ask how old you are? I am seventy, I thought I may be too old but obviously not. Message me if you want to. Keep smiling

Carole x


Thanks everyone, very helpful. Martin I am so sorry your wasnt successful. Carole I am 65.

best wishes to you all xx


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