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If I use the CPT technique on my husband (who has developed 'The Cough' so far mainly on getting up in the morning) will it loosen bits of the scar tissue and expell it; only to be replaced with more scar tissue? as I understand it the fibrosis is caused by 'over active system' repairing the damaged tissue, in which case will CPT cause more harm than good?

Also opinions please on coughing techniques: To Huff or not To Huff That is the Question,Whether tis easier on the lungs or should I resort to The slings and arrows etc Greetings to all I wish you a comfortable day... AL

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No one around but me, a-l, I cant help but I am sure that someone will turn up. If not, ring the BLF nurse tel.0300030555. i, too, could do with advice on coughing techniques. I hope that things will be sorted out.


I have pulmonary fibrosis and have had from physiotherpists, deep breathing, huffing, cough prevention until mucus is ready to move. In addition have had percussion physio, tapping around the constricted areas. I was also given something called the Bird. I never coughed up lung tissue. I think once there it is there to stay and any improvement is opening up alternative pathways, But that is my opinion not knowledge. The physio I actually have had done to me with no ill effects. Hope that helps a bit.



Only Thing I Read That Sounds Promising Was Stem Cell Injections ... Only Light Exercise Because There Is Such Things Called Lung Shear Injury Thats With Out Steroids So Must Do Light Exercise Of Any Form To Maintain Lung Muscles

As Others Say Give BLF Call Emal ... There Defo Experts :)

All The Best


many thanks everyone for the help and advice I will reply to each in due course,This moring I had the idea to throw hubby over my lap and spank him to assist the cough but the fishnet tights and rhinestone belt don't fit anymore.... shame! Don't splutter laugh then cough! Have a good day all AL

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