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Books on COPD

I'm wondering if anyone can recommend any books which would help me in coming to terms with my COPD. OK I have a caring GP but I'm not sure he knows much about the condition except for the "standard remedies". The local Pulmonary specialist nurse has an immense workload but always returns phone calls. The trouble is that my questions never seem to come to me when I'm in the right place. I'm used to using books to help me learn. That's how I eventually stopped smoking.

Suggestions welcome.

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Copd for dummies is one

Type in cold in search button


The one I have is called

'The Chronic Bronchitis and Emphysema Handbook'

by Dr Francois Haas and Dr Sheila Sperber Hass

with illustrations by Kenneth Axen

I had to order it in but I think it was one of the titles I read about as recommended reading from a pulmonary rehabilitation book its published by John Wiley and Sons Inc, New York, Chichester, Weinheim, Brisbane, Singapore and Toronto.

I bought the book when I was first diagnosed, 9 years ago so there may be more modern up to date books available now. Its not the traditional UK NHS book but I think its a good handbook and talks just about everything. I can recommend it. There could be a more recently revised and expanded edition than the one I have.


I can't recommend books, but I would recommend the BLF pack you can get if you join. They send out other things anyway. Have a chat with them on 03000 030 555.

Lynne xx


Hiya Weymouth John

Lynne's idea is a good one. I ordered one of those packs from the BLFand it was very informative.




Whilst GPs are excellent in general medical conditions it is important that We receive specialist advice from a Specialist (books are no substitute unless you are proficient in medical terminology or indeed a doctor). It would be my strong recommendation that you obtain a Referral from your GP to a Respiritory Specialist. Stay well. Martin


good advice there but not all gps are good sorry to say my ex couldn't read an xray,wat said I had copd


That's a good question about useful books about COPD. Have to say I did most of my reseach online, just typed in Copd and it,s amazing what comes up. I find the web easier as I can enlarge the print to read.Amazon do offer a large selection of books on medical subjects as already said.


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