Shoulder and neck pain

I wonder if anyone else has my problem - I have spells when i get severe back pain across my shoulder blades, shoulders up to my jaw, and top of arms and sore across chest. - this is not heart related - the cardiac people have fully investigated this. I get very very SOB at the time and sweaty. I have twice been taken in as suspected heart attack with this only to find (as I could have told them) that my heart was absolutely fine. Neb and oxygen for about an hour sorted it out. But the pain is a nightmare. I think it is related to muscles going in to some sort of spasm or something like fibromyalgia. Would be glad of any input. This site is fabulous and just reading and talking to others with similar problems just improves my day.

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  • I also have this..tests found nothing also...they tell me its probably a muscular thing...not pleasant tho! X

  • As jayb says, probably nothing, but if you are going to worry, Bealings, have a chat with your GP. Love Anniseedx

  • I dont worry about it - it is just so painful and unpleasant - does anything relieve it for you jayb? Other than a good gin!!!!! Joke.

  • hi I suffer with it. gives me headaches to. anti inflamatry meds like IBUPROFEN works well, but I cant take them it affects my kidneys. lol so I keep taking the pain killers. best of luck badger 48

  • i will try the gin!! It only usually lasts about 2-3 days when i have it. Xx

  • Sounds a bit strange I know Bealings48.. but I have found Deep Heat helps.. x

  • Ah will give that a go too then. Thanx

  • I wonder if it is because of the way you breathe or hold yourself when you become breathless - I suggest it because I used to get the same thing myself. When I went to PR they told me I breathed 'funny' - changed my posture and breathing technique and mostly the symptons haven't returned.

  • Scrobbitty - I would not be surprised if this was it. I can self refer to physio so I may do that and ask their advice. Thanx

  • This back and neck pain is typical of Us sufferers where, due to hyperinflation couple with compression of our diaphragm we us auxiliary muscles in our neck and back (which a normal breather does not do). As a consequence of the strain applied to these muscles gives rise to aches or pains. There is a lot of information on the next i=on this subject. I suffer the same problems! Stay well. Martin

  • I agree with you martin,we tend to have poor posture due to our "illness". I seem to be getting more round shouldered as I get older,My GP gives me cortisone injections in my shoulders when the pain is unbearable.I also try to sit upright (when I think about it).x

  • Hi Martin..

    I read your reply with interest as I have similar symptoms.. Can you direct me to the information you mentioned..

    Thanks .. jankhan

  • Hi Jankhan

    Try this website for a start.

  • i also have similar pain, i think it is from SOB, stretching seems to help me, breath in deeply, raising your arm on the intake and breathing out twice as long as you inhaled, i have to purse my lips to do they extended exhale , good luck i will be keeping you in my prayers

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