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Hmm . . I have been thinking . .

Electronic Cigarettes!

About the strong feelings about the safety of them.

BUT . . if you give up sensibly, then you should only be

on them for a month max. Surely, it is far less harmful that smoking

for years on end?

As long as you give them a limit surely if they work for you then

for just a short period I cannot see them doing too much harm.

I used them for two weeks and was off. Now I have to stop routing

the fridge and cupboards to see what I can eat lol

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I think you are right there, but perhaps the problem is many use them for a lot longer than you. I know some people use them and still smoke, but smoke less and some people who have never smoked use them as they are becoming a bit of a fashion accessory !!??!

Lynne xx


Hi Lynne, I have given up many times but have a problem with severe Ulcerative Colitis. Each time I stop I end up really ill in hospital.

In the past I have always used the inhaler, but this time due to COPD I knew I had to give up. So altho' trying the e cigs before never liked them. But I had a change of mind this time,

I am also getting monitored for my UC. Plus I was most definitely going to stop, nothing would lead me back to it unless my UC flares up . . then I will go back to my specialist and see if my UC med can be increased. I have no plans of going back on cigs.

I may end up with me having a Stoma. This is what I have always dreaded, but now older I guess I will have to accept it.

I am a lucky one, when I make my mind up to do something I carry it through.

Good luck to everyone, and if using E-Cigs then make sure you do not want to use them for recreation, use a limited time.

For me, it is only the first three days that I find difficult and then it gets easier. You really have to do this alone, not because you have been told to. It is only you who can decide when the time is right.

Good luck

xx Ros xx


Hi I to no a few people who having been using the e cig for many many months I bought one then a few days later I was told they hadn't been tested over here I then decided I weren't going to risk using it and got a inalator of my gp three wks on and Ian still ciggy free good luck on what ever you decided on :) xx


Hi Is4bell, I think you've done well to stop so soon! congrats on quitting,best thing you can do to help yourself! it's amazing how much your appetite increases and maybe its because everything tastes so much better! I put a couple of stone on when I gave up years ago! :) x


Tell me about it! I put on 2 stone as well and am still trying to lose it.

Lynne xx


Hi HP, Thank you !

I still believe if you want to give up to make it the quick easy way and from there it is willpower.

Now fingers crossed that I do not end up with UC problems. One day at a time. But whatever is ahead I will face. I will not use smoking any longer to keep my UC under control.

I fill my fridge with celery sticks and carrots. Not being drawn to sweets, crisps or rubbish. I have already put on weight, from 7st to 9st. and do not wish to get problems with obesity. lol I have enough on my plate (no pun intended)

xx Ros xx


The proposed legislation isn't to do with safety. Its because it is available, unrestricted to all ages , even 5 year olds. The "smoke" is water vapour and the nicotine dose is lower than the mildest patches. You can't "oversmoke" one because they cut out after about 20 puffs. I think some of the problem is the government feel they are losing out of tobacco tax on their sales. If they were reclassified by the powers that be, they would gain more dosh.

Not everyone who buys them are giving up. They use them to smoke legally in banned areas such as pubs, workplaces etc.

If the government were really serious about stamping out smoking, they would take VAT off nicotine replacement products and force the tobacco industry to take out the chemical addatives that make people dependent on baccy. Nicotine is the least addictive element.


Hear hear!

I smoke e-cigs and when I first started I was very happy with 0% nicotine (for well over a year) but after trying one with nicotine I much prefer the flavour so have switched. The brand I buy has been thoroughly tested and approved in the UK.

Although "everyone" says nicotine is more addictive than cocaine, for me it's not the nicotine it's the whole smoking routine - everything I did would involve having a cigarette with, during or after - phone calls, any drink, meals, car journeys, etc.

It must be so aggravating for the government that they can't muscle in on extra revenues!


Yes, and for all of us with asthma or COPD, it's the smoke that has caused or is causing the damage, not the nicotine. If only someone would bring out an e-barbeque...then I would be happy.


Well done,keep it up


Your daily humour tonic


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