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Right side pain

Hello everyone

I Just a little update on my problem , said the other day about the pain under right rib had moved to the left.

First time a month ago woke up with stabbing pains had high temperature and vomiting, moved from side to bottom of back doctor gave me AB's as he thought it might infection or Gall stones.

Second time couple of weeks later same thing, but this time it moved its round left side.

Third last Thursday back to right side, went to work but in agony again was sick and my temperature was 38.4 managed to get it down with the fan blasting all night. Friday quite good.

Saturday I felt awful, struggled through work and got my husband to take me to hospital, I was seen straight away I was examined did x-ray and bloods both clear.

So now I've just got to wait for scan which have been here by now if the doctors receptionist had done her job.

Sorry to waffle any thoughts.

Kim xxxx

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I don't do medical Kim,but as we waffle ,I have a pain under my right ribs.Iy hurts.


Your daily humour tonic


Yikes, sounds rotten. Not a clue here, sorry. Other than a (((hug))) gently of course and try not to worry. If you are not on any medication, a glass of wine perhaps to chill out with :)


I really hope they sort this soon Kim, bad enough battling what we do know the cause of, eh? x


That's exactly what I said to my husband Toci .

I'm sick of it I was looking for to a day in Brighton my nephew and his dad were in the London to Brighton Bike race and I wanted to be at the finish, but again I was ill. The only good thing is I do know I've not got Pnuemonia which I had last year.



I hope you're feeling better today Kimmy59. It must be very worrying. I cant offer any advice, only support & commiserations.

I once had something similar except the pain didn't travel. Ended up unconsious, totally dehydrated from vomitting. It was my dog who alerted the neighbours who dialed 999.

Mine turned out to be my stomach, it couldn't take the painkillers & antibiotics. (for pneumonia & pleurisy).Take care and I hope they sort it out soon. P


Sorry to see your problem has not been resolved, hope you are a little better today Kimmy.These unpredictable illnesses we have do cause havoc to your social life. Others may be right it could be the drugs you use don't suit. Everyones different even how their illness affects so heres hoping you will be feeling better soon


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