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Salt caves and pipes

I read an article in one of the tabloids last week about a perfectly healthy journalist spending time in a new salt cave opened in London. Her conclusion was she didn’t feel any better (how could she feel better? She didn’t feel bad in the first place) She says you should take its benefits with a pinch of salt. What a wag she is ha ha.

I was privileged to use a salt cave in Latvia. (Good job it wasn’t Transylvania) you would think I was in with the bats. I also own a salt pipe. I find this treatment helps me to breathe easier without resorting to too much chemical medications. And when I am bad and have to raise the medications in between times the pipe gives me relief. I did write to the paper but got nowhere. If as we are told lung disease is one of the biggest killers and debilitates more people than any other disease why doesn’t it get the publicity cancer or heart disease gets?

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We ourselves must try to help by keeping promoting it at every chance we get.


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I think lung disease is too much associated (wrongly) with smoking so there is less sympathy. Alison


I just think anything that helps and doesn't have a detrimental affect should be promoted but its down to that age old saying 'we are all different and what is suitable for one is not suitable for another' or to put a modern twist on it 'one man's medicine is another man's poison'

I find there are many more advertisements about COPD and lung disease now than there ever were. Now it is known that smoking not only can cause heart disease and lung cancer but it also can cause chronic lung disease and harm to the unborn child, as well as causing harm to passive smokers.

So glad you are finding the salt pipe works for you hannahmac


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