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Rehab chest infection

I finally started my pulmonary rehab on Monday really enjoyed managed 1.3mph for 3 mins on treadmill and managed5 mins on bike ??got up on Wednesday morning breathless so spoke to the physio a rehab on wednesday started to cough as well which I don't normally cough a lot started on steroids Wednesday when I got back from rehab as suggested by physio and rang respiratory nurse who said to take anti bs too as coughing up yucky stuff ??

Is it common to get chest infection on starting pulmonary rehab or coincidences?????

I managed 1 min 48 sec on steps and 1 min 18 on cross trainer on Wednesday ??

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Well done Nik - glad you enjoyed it. I would have thought it is coincidence if you have to use gel before and after using equipment or sats. Saying that our 2 classes ended up as one for the last couple of weeks - so who really knows.

Hope you're feeling better soon and enjoy the rest of your course

love cx.


Seems like a coincidence to me! Let's hope it doesn't develop worse than it is now and you get well soon.

Enjoy your sessions at rehab!




Thanks I hope so too x


Thank you x no there is no gel so was going to take my little bottle with me next week but handle wipe regaurly xx


I think it is probably coincidence but the chances of picking up infection is quite high as the people you are mixing with may have it. Bringing up the yukky stuff may just be a result of the exercise. Before I was taken ill, I used to help out with horse riding for wheelchair user children and just the gentle trot of the pony, would loosen up their chests and airways.

Keep on with your steroids and antis but more importantly, keep on with the rehab as the benefits are tremendous.


I will do thank u


My name is down for rehab classes and I was thinking of all the people there with

different forms of lung conditions and thought the chances of picking up an infection would be quite high. I try to stay out of crowded places to avoid infections and I sometimes wonder if it is wise to take the rehab course.

Get well soon!



You could say the same about waiting in hospital out patients or GP surgery Tamara. However the exercise will do you the world of good and there should be gel available before sats and whenever hands are needed to do the exercise. It is o fcourse your decision, but I feel sure the benefits will outweigh any risks. Folks usually don't attend if they feel unwell as they don't feel up to it.

Whatever you decide I wish you well.

Love cx


hi I go for walk test nx month ave noted the risks,ppl there mite have an infection an not no at the time or sum mite no and still go,im taking my gloves and wont be coming of till I get out then rite in the bin


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