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New Bronchiectasis Website

I am so pleased at the great response to my new website about the self management of bronchiectasis..... bronchiectasishelp.org.uk

I have had many compliments and support from many areas of health care, but most importantly it is the many positive responses from patients that pleases me so much.......my sole motivation is to help and support other people with bronchiectasis as there is a dearth of straight forward, easily understood, practical information to help us all cope.

I am so inspired with the response I am already planning many more pages for phase two, especially about physiotherapy the most important strategy for patient self management.

There is a great need for this type of patient friendly support and advice.......Robert

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Thank you for posting this I will definitely ate a look, I think bronchiectasis is rather understated with regards support and information so anything new is most welcome xx


and funding! Look forward to seeing the rest of your site, hopefully with a brus inclusion. Good job Robert.

love cx


Wow, I've got o say this is the best information I've seen on bronchiectasis, even my teenage sons found it informative and easy to understand .... Well done xx


That is one of the best compliments so far.......I wanted to create easily understood and relevant information for effective patient self management....information that is very scarce at the moment...........many thanks......Robert


I am delighted to see this website! Having bronchiectasis which is a complete bind in its own right, like all lung conditions. Will there be a place for members' input? love anniseed x


Yes I will keep looking, Yes bronchiectasis is very understated , as I am writing this, the day is starting be one of my bad days very short od breath with lot's of pains in my bones sorry for little rant.


thank you, well informative and gives me a far better understanding what is going right and wrong with my bronchiectasis. many thanks for your help


Great site, very informative. No one I know has heard of Bronchiectasis.

Look forward to more information if and when it becomes available.

Great work!



very good had a look even though I have emphysema not bronchiectasis but should I get a cough or infection will know what to do now - thanks again and good luck with the site xx


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