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Since a shake-up in the NHS in this area it was decided that certain illnesses would be treated in certain hospitals, so this is the tale of my son. My son Paul woke up with excrutiating stomach pains this morning. My daughter-in-law rang to ask the best course of action so I told her to ring 111, this she did but told no help was needed, in tears she rang me back so I told her to ring 999. She did this and they said they didn't think he needed an ambulance but would send out the out of hours doctor. He came out and said he should be taken to Stroud hospital, as neither of them drive my husband took him, they live 5 miles from us. It was then decided that it could be appendicitus and he had to go to Gloucester hospital and it would be a four hour wait for an ambulance so his friend took him as Alan was by then back helping me. He has been at Gloucester four hours and they have now decided it is kidney stones so he has to go to Cheltenham and with that my daughter-in -laws phone battery ran out. So now I wait to hear! Keep smiling! :-(

Carole x

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  • How ridiculous !

  • What is happening to our emergency services!!! that's an appalling way to deal with someone in severe pain. Sounds like a passing the buck situation due to varied diagnosis, and this new system that says you have to go to a particular hospital for treatment according to what you have wrong. Hope everything went well eventually, but delays like that could result in a tradgedy, plus the added stress to a patient of touring around hospital.

  • I need to clarify something in my mind. NHS Driect has gone to be replaced by 111 for less severe ailments. Failing tht 999. True. Thanks

  • Carol that is disgusting - I am so sorry this has happened to your son and family. I hope now he will be looked after properly.

    Please let us know how he gets on.

    love cx

  • What a terrible story and all too common. No wonder A&E can't cope, nobody trusts 111.

    Lynne xx

  • Our problem is we need to diagnose ourselves before picking up the phone!!!! Alison

  • That's a lot of people passing the buck by the sounds of.

    Hope your son gets sorted and is pain free soon.

    Bc x

  • Oh Carole, how stressful. I had similar problems with my daughter who has PSC. A long story short, she ended up having three major ops. When I collected her after recovery from second op she had problems with bile leaking into her system. I phoned the hospital who had discharged her, they told me to ring the doctor. I rang the doctor and he told me not to ring 999 as it would be quicker to get her in my car and take her to A&E. Told me emergencies for heart problems took priority to any other prob. So I managed to get her in my car, by this time she was grey. Waiting in A&E asked if there was a bed she could lay on, she was in her dressing gown and her fever was very high. Eventually admitted, for another 3 weeks, broke my heart. ((Carole))

    Ah but Carole she is doing ok and now your son will, even tho' it has all been a friggin' nightmare . . . xx Ros xx

  • He has to stay in overnight to see if he passes the stones then they will decide what to do in the morning!

  • Complaints must be made Carole,get in touch with PAL


  • Hope your son gets well soon Carole. How awful to have to do all that travelling around like that when in pain. Let us know how he gets on. xxxxxxxxxx

  • Thats ridiculous Carole. Your poor son. Its horrible enough to be in pain like that and then to be bussed from hospital to hospital. God help us all...

    Bev x

  • When my hubby fell in the hall (he is a big man) I dialled 999 they were out within 4 minutes (we have an ambulance station round the corner quite near to the hospital) they were wonderfull and got him on his feet quite soon, he was not hurt.

    Now the ambulance station is up for sale as are many others and they are all moving into a

    "HUB" about 15 miles away, they (the faceless people) tell us it will be better for us to have all them in one place. I wonder how long the ambulance will take next time we need it?

    polly xx

  • I lived in the USA for 18 years (NYC) and I know that health care insurance is expensive but I have to say..."you get far better care given to you than over here" at least the hospitals are properly staffed 24/7 and not just during the week and if you need surgery on a Sunday...even Easter Sunday (I had brain surgery on that day!) you get it, if I'd been in England I would have died waiting for Monday morning to arrive so I could get an MRI.

    I was in hospital last weekend, went in via ambulance on Saturday evening...had to stay until Monday evening...all of that time taking up a bed and resources just because I had to have a scan before I could be released....the actual pain that sent me to the hospital in the first place went away before I got to see a dr in the ER four hours after my arrival...hmm, I wonder if it was a heart attack? As I did not get an ECG at all....just put into a bed and left to wait til the weekend passed, along with my will to live...turns out I do have gall stones, but nothing can be done until they figure out what's wrong with my breathing...not holding my breath on that though...sorry, this turned into a long post....but I'm so frustrated with what is going on with our healthcare system!

  • hi I had gallstones arpil 2011 was in that much pain god was on the floor throwing up for England,went a an e my son in law an daughter took me,ad to wait 2hrs an was still being sick,and fell on the floor,nurse said don't be sick on the floor an pasted a paper bowl to my daughter,was seen after another alf hr,dc said gallstones asked for pain relef.nurse put morpnine in injection for me 20minuts after wat a relief then a nurse told me get up go wait on a chair wanted the bed I nearly fell of the bed was high of morphine son in law helped me,then waited 6week for ultrasound ,yes gall stones,then 6week wait go Manchester royal for chat,then 4 wek wait for pre op.then wasdue go in dec but rung an said no beds ,waited till feb 2012 ,by this time had got infected,pain was bad,got letter go end feb was cancelled again,so had to have preop again,had then out april 2012 ,shambles

  • Did they finally figure out what was wrong with your son and fix him? Or is he still being passed around from hospital to hospital? This is sooo very bad and upsetting x

  • He has kidney stones and stayed in over night. They will review it this afternoon and if his pain control is okay he can go home. Thanks for everyones' comments.Keep smiling

    Carole x

  • Carole - You simply could NOT make this up. Totally unashamedly bonkers...and downright dangerous and irresponsible on the part of those who make these ludicrous decisions. I am still shaking my head in disbelief.. I really hope your son gets better soon. Adrian

  • Thanks Beatles, he is ok now and on his way home, but am just wondering what sort of fiasco it would be if I rang 999 because I couldn't breathe or as I am supposed to do if my concentrator goes down. Doesn't give me much confidence! Keep smiling

    Carole x

  • sorry to hear about your son's medical fiasco - he has my great sympathy, I too had kidney stones many years ago and it was the most excruciating pain I have ever had - would not wish it on anyone - it was as if a surgeon was inside of you with a scalpel oooooww - pleased they have now sorted it out quickly - best wishes to him and you xx

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