Steroids - Morning chesty Cough

Before I head off to the docs, just wondered if I may be worrying over nothing.

Started taking Prednisolone 30mg 2 weeks ago and noticed a slight difference with my breathing already. However, on Thursday evening I noticed on breathing in that it was like inhaling many mints (only way I can describe the feeling!) Then yesterday morning on waking, I coughed and all this congestion (yellow - sorry if you're eating breakfast!) came up. The persistent cough with my lung condition is of a dry cough - I only have a 'loose' chest if I have a chest infection.

So I guess my question is: Are the steroids working and loosening things - does this happen, or is there a chance I've got an infection going on??

Flipping nuiscance as trying to sleep upright is pretty impossible! :-)


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  • I think you may have an steroids open up my lungs and make it easier to cough up the "yuck"....but I still need antibiotics as well....Ring the gp in my opinion

  • Sounds like an infection to me Jayenne. x

  • Definitely sounds like an infection, mucky or discoloured mucus usually is an indication of one. You're GP should be able to tell you. Take care, Richard.

  • Thanks all - you were right! Now have supply of antibiotics. Didn't realise the steroids would compromise my immune system... ho hum :-)


  • Glad you are sorted, better to catch the infection early.

    Take care of yourself.

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