I was so pleased with my efforts BUT THEN!!!!!! :(

On the 23/May I set out armed with my bus pass on the 10 mile trip into Worcester. I was on a mission to get a bargain, I had checked the Internet for the cheapest price for a battery for my digital camera and it was £20.00. I knew a camera shop in Worcester that sold them for £28.00 so I thought if I could get them to lower their price to match the internet I would buy it from them to get it quicker and there would be less risk involved.

Well after a little hard bargaining they agreed to sell it to me for £20.00 but they didn't have one in stock but would get me one within 3 day's. Ok I agreed and paid a £10.00 deposit, they gave me a receipt showing clearly that they had Quoted me £20.00 and a £10.00 deposit has been paid.

I came away feeling pretty good with myself as I don't normally do this kind of thing and all was well untill the camera shop phoned me at home 3 day's later to say the battery would take an unknown length of time to arrive as their supplier can be slow getting Nikon batteries. Oh well I thought I'll just have to wait.

I have since recieved another phone call now saying that the battery has just arrived but there has been a miss quote of the price and it will now cost me £35.00, well I almost fell off me perch at that, because that is a lot more than the original price that the shop sold them for.

So here I am holding a receipt for a battery quoting £20.00, I'm short of the £10.00 deposit that I paid, I need to take another 10 mile bus trip to Worc's and I'm not sure of my rights as to whether they will have to sell me the battery at the quoted price.

This should be fun when I turn up huffing and puffing on oxygen all ready to argue my case, I am wondering if they even have to give me my £10.00 deposit back as I'm definitely not going to pay their new price of £35.00.

I hope they see sense and cave in quickly because I'm not leaving that shop untill they sell me the battery at the quoted price even if I have to call in the local papers and trading standards, international rescue, National Guard etc etc. :) As I said before it should be fun!!! even if I lose my little battle for justice and the rights of the common man eh'.

Tony. What are my chances?

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  • Very high if you take Scott Tracey with you :)

    Totally annoying isn't it - don't think they can squirm out of it given that you have a written quote of £20.00.

  • Scott Tracey, didn't he fly thunderbird 2, I'm not sure that'll fit in the street outside the shop but I guess he'll have a pod with something in it to do the job. :)

  • He's the pixie :) Maybe Iron Man would be a better bet then, he can land on the eye of a camel, or similar similie lol xx

  • Do you think he'll lend me his suit. Turn up wearing that and they'll be giving me as many batteries as I can carry, for free!!!

  • Scott was Thunderbird 1, Virgil was in 2 ;)

  • Oh smart knickers you :D

  • I'll be alright then because there's room to land thunderbird 1 right outside the shop door. :)

  • Just say "sale of goods & services act" to them! You have made a contract with them & they must honour it at the original quoted price. Don't stand for any nonsense and good luck to you.

  • Yes mapal, The mention of the Sale of goods act should sent a shudder down their hopefully weak spines. Maybe you should come with me eh' with a camera as it could be entertaining.

  • I would ask for the £10 back. I don't think I would give them the business. People wonder why hight St shops are closing.

  • You make a good point there teddyd because I gave them the chance of a sale which after they carefully checked their purchase price,they were happy to knock £8.00 off their shop price.This only confirmed to me that they had a very good profit margin to play with.

    Now they may have made a mistake but thats not really my problem and hopefully when they see how determined I can be they will sell me the battery for the quoted price. If not then i'll be asking for my deposit back and compensation for the travelling.

    I'm pretty sure their still makeing a profit at £20.00 but their getting a little greedy me thinks.

  • The shop has entered into a legally binding contract to sell at the agreed price, and even took a deposit. They can appeal to your better nature that they will make a loss if this continues, but you are normally within your rights to insist that the transaction is completed.

    There is a cop-out that they an refuse to sell you goods that are mis-priced, but I think an implied contract is already in place and would stand. Trading Standards are best to ask about this, they are on 01905 822799, as part of Worcestershire Regulatory Services ;)

  • Your right Gordon I should turn up knowing my rights so I'll give them a ring. Then we will see what happens when I turn up at the shop.

    It might turn out that they will let me have the battery with no fuss at the quoted price but the last phone call leads me to believe otherwise.

    Thanks G57 for your usual sound advice and information.

  • Have Trading Standards number on your mobile, just ine case... ;)

  • Good thinking G57, I could dial it and hand them the phone for a little chat.

  • I am not so sure on this one, they are legally bound to return the deposit . . I seem to remember something like this happening to me, and as it was a quote and not legally binding. A '"quote" is a guide and not confirmation!

    But good luck, I would just have them refund the deposit either electronically or by check.

    Would not even bother to do the journey.

    Again . . good luck and let us all know if they will honour the £20 as an act of good faith,

    a lot of businesses do.

    xx Ros xx

  • I think I will go along to face them and have some fun arguing my case untill they get so board of me they'll do anything to get rid of me.

    Tony xx :)

  • Good luck Dall05

  • Thanks Toci, with a bit of luck I'll be able to use my camera again soon before the summer ends.

  • Oops! Too late - today was the last day of Summer I think, lol.

  • I hope your wrong but I suspect your right, Darn it :(

  • Good luck to you Dall05 and yes, you do have rights. I bought a dvd online for Pete (3 Jason Statham films no less!) and was charged £8.34. When it arrived it had a sticker on for £4.99 so I asked for a partial refund. They quoted all the admin rubbish, p&P which was free anyway etc. but I stuck to my guns and got my partial refund. You stick to your guns too.

    Gordon - is there anything you don't know? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :)

  • I'll find out next week how much my rights are worth when I turn up at the shop. First thing is to see what their attitude is like then we'll ramp it up from there if things are handled badly.

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