Good News!!

Hi friends,you may recall,I had to have another CT scan,after having one 3 months previous,when they found the nodule on the lungs.Very happy to report,that it hasent grown in size,so I don't need another scan for 6 months,& if that is the same won't need another for a year,then eventually 2 years.

That was an immense relief,I couldn't believe that anything else could go wrong!!

Have a lovely weekend,& breathe easy!

Love to all, Wendells xx

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Some good news from you Wendells.easy all those worries

Richard xxx

Excellent news wendells hope you have a lovely weekend to xx

Well done Wendell, fingers crossed again in 6 months time. You can now have a great weekend

Breath Easy my Friend


Immense relief being the understatement I think :) And a brilliant weekend for you, too Wendells x

Lovely news. Have a great weekend.


Super news the relief must have been phenomenal and now you really can breathe easy



just testing

Great news. Go out and have a worry free weekend.

Love Tina x :)

Gr8 Wendells, every piece of good new can actually have

a great impact on your day, so ENJOY . . I will be jogging

past yours later, join with if you wish. But warm up first as

I will sporting my go faster stipe on my aero chamber lol

xx Ros xx

Fantastic news Wendells, have a lovely relaxing weekend now.

Lynne xx

Hi Wendells Great News have a super weekend and next week, and The week after that, in fact till your next CT scan then enjoy that weekend and the week after that. mattcass

Always good to hear good news. Pleased for you!

Enjoy your weekend

Really great news - delighted for you. Have a fab weekend. With much love TAD xx

Just wanted to say a big thankyou,to all my friends before I crawl in to bed!(it's 11.30) over here. It's so nice to share some good news for a change! But even nicer knowing you are all there for good or bad.

Lots of love Wendells xxxxx

Great news Wendells, so pleased for you.

Have a great weekend yourselves and sleep good :)

BC x

Wonderfull news Wendells I am so pleased for you, bet you get a good nights sleep something less to worry about.

Have a lovely weekend.

Polly xx

Good news wendells, a relief for you.

Lib x

So pleased for you and family have a great weakend

Great Wendells!


Great news Wendells - really pleased for you hun.

love cx

nice 1 kid keep goin.i had a mammagram Tuesday then Thursday bak for a hovergram bak on Monday for results

Good luck Caroll on Monday,fingers crossed,let us know how you go xx

was was a clump of calcium wat they got out with biopsy needles,bit left but itd ok.they put a chip in for future reference ,lol,asked them u sure its not an fbi chip joking,just got get wens out rd with tubes now ugh take care ,

Hi Carol, so pleased for you,one less thing to worry about! Dont know about that chip lol! Hope you got home ok.Take care love.

Wendells xxx

Hi Carol, so pleased for you,one less thing to worry about! Dont know about that chip lol! Hope you got home ok.Take care love.

Wendells xxx

they said chip is for future refarance if I need other mamagram it tells them I have bit calcium left in

That is good news Wendells, I can imagine your relief :) Lovelight xxx

So glad you had good news, Wendells, I hope it is only the start of further good news. Love, Annie xx

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