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just goes to show

went away last weekend for a break at a caravan holiday site and went out for a few drinks in the evening and where we went they had a kareokey night (spelling) we got chatting to this women whos husband was dancing and belting out songs on the mike and we mentioned to his wife how good he was at singing for hes age.

I could not beleive when she told us that he was 71 and still works part time but sometimes he has breathing problems has he was diagnosed with asbestos and severe COPD 12 years ago and i never mentioned to her that i had COPD so it just goes to show how people are diferant with COPD and he was really downing the pints and you would never know there was anything wrong with him looking at his breathing ..mind you bet he had a sore head next morning

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It is fascinating that the same lung condition and severity can affect people differently. Singing is brilliant for the lungs though. :)


It true. We can have the same level of diagnosis with this and yet be quite different. I think it depends upon whether there are other health problems, levels of fitness, healthy eating, not smoking and also mental attitude.

Lynne xx


You are right. I think many of the ladies on here have a mental attitude. lol

Love from Bobby xxx


It is completely unbelievable - though most people would never know my husband has COPD - he has become very very good at hiding it! I agree with Lynne and possibly a large dose of luck! Glad to had a good break. TAD xx


Maybe it is because there is actually no such "illness" as COPD and we have different diseases, eg emphysema or bronchitis, some both, some linked with asthma, etc The variations are endless.


Hangover,poor fellow.


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