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Is anyone else having problems with Air Liquide

I used to get my oxygen from Air Products, but the NHS changed the contract to Air Liquide a couple of years ago, and I've been having lots of problems getting my portable cylinders delivered. Air Products never missed once, but with this lot I get deliveries at 9 pm, or they just don't turn up at all. But this week they have really excelled themselves, they were supposed to deliver my cylinders on Tuesday, and here I am late on Thursday afternoon still waiting. At no time over the last 3 days have they bothered to phone and let me know, I have to do all the chasing.

Is anyone else having the same sort of issues? If so, what can we do about it?

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I don't think you are the only one as others have detailed their problems with this company. It is shocking that they are allowed to get away with such shoddy and dangerous service. Please ring 999 if you are about to run out of oxygen. This was the advice I was given by Air Products when I had a problem (due to the weather). Don't sit without oxygen.

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I get my Oxygen Cylinders from BOC (British Oxygen Company). This company supplies those of us up in the North East. I think it was in 2011 the contract was renewed and BOC won it over Air Liquid - think the contract is for 5 years.

I never had problems with Air Liquid, but of course I do not know what they are like now.

I don't have any problems with Air Liquide, it seems to dependant on what area you live in. I am in the South West and the deliveries are out of Avonmouth. Keep smiling

Carole x

I don't have any problems with Air Liquide. I live in North Manchester and the same delivery drivers come to my house. Air Liquide employed the drivers who used to work for Air Products. If you haven't got oxygen then get on the phone and ask for a 4 hour urgent delivery. Good luck.


I had Air Liquide for 2 years. Their engineer lives 2 miles from me, as I live in a small rural village. He passed my house most days to get into the village, Yet in 2 years - he arrived once on the correct date, I lived in a 2 story house where I had o2 'tapped in' when I sold the house and moved into present Bungalow, the engineer refused to tap in the tubing for me, saying as I was all on one level didn't need doing, well after weeks and weeks of dragging 50ft of tubing around, getting it caught on furniture, under doors, walked on, I begged for it to be tapped , no wouldn't do it, Plus as I said he lives 2 miles from me and has only arrived once on his due date, Last year he came in April, I didn't see him again until September - I phoned his office to be told, oh he will be with you tomorrow, uh, in the end I wrote to the head office in Bolton, I think of got the address off here via Mark, The head office finally got it sorted and discovered I was due almost 9 months of rebates, as I had no readings done I wasn't getting rebates, I hated them, then suddenly o2 suppliers were changed and I got BOC,- well the 1st week I had them my concentrator broke down, they sent an engineer on a Saturday night over 90 miles to my home to fix the fault, Not only did he fix the fault, he serviced the concentrator, gave me complete new tubing, phoned his Boss and arranged for me to have all tubing 'tapped' in and it was, within 3 days I was so astonished and relieved to be dealing with such a kind caring company that I burst into tears, I was so happy. BOC have also been back since to check that all Is working well, furthermore, they discovered another payment that was due to me, so glad I don't have Air liquid anymore, I know there are some wonderful engineers, guess I had bad luck, Hope everyone is feeling well, or getting better if you haven't been to good, love and hugs to you all Janie xxxxxx

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Well just to update everybody, I finally managed to get them to send one of the emergency out of hours guys with a couple of cylinders, which will at least get me through the next few days. They've scheduled more for Monday, though I won't be holding my breath, if you'll pardon the pun. I have to say that the call centre people have been helpful, my problem is with the delivery centre (I'm in North London). I can't see any excuse for not phoning to let me know, at the very least.

I'm going to email a complaint, in the hope that it may do some good for anyone else in the future, plus I'm going to get onto my COPD team at the NHS, and see if they can pass it on to the appropriate place. I've discovered that there is an NHS compliance person, who looks after these contracts.

Even the delivery drivers are very unhappy with AL, so they tell me, and it's pretty obvious that they are out of their depth as far as London is concerned :(

See my post regarding problem with Air Liquide


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