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1st appointment

Today was my hubbys first appointment with the Doctor since he lost his sight. I was dreading it I worked myself up so much I felt sick all night couldn't eat any breakfast and had a massive panic attack, breathing was dreadfull. If I had not asked his daughter to come with us (I cannot leave him at the door now and go and park the car) I would have cancelled it.

It was fine as soon as I had dropped them a car space became available right outside so I though I could have managed on my own.

The doctor then sent us to the hospital for him to get his blood tested, thank goodness she had come with us she pushed him in the wheelchair I would never have been able to do it, I thought we would be hours but he was seen in five minutes and we were home within 2 hours.

Just shows don't try and pre-empt what you day is going to be like all that panicking for nothing.

polly xx

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Glad it all worked out for you polly, hope hubby's test results are promising.

I am pleased the experience was good for you!

Quite often I find the fear of doing something is far worse than the actual doing of it. Probably because we get so worked up about it, the reality has to be easy by comparison. :)

Now just fingers crossed all goes well with the results.

Keep us in touch with the results,let's hope for the best


Whew all that panic,poor darling,happy it was unnecessary after all!

Hope the tests are ok.You say it's his first visit,since his sight was lost,I do hope you are getting support from professionals,you would both need it.I realy feel for you both in your situation,you have more to deal with,than most of us.

Big hugs,Love Wendells xxx

Glad it wasn't as bad as feared. With much love to you both Tad x x

We were told his sight will not improve and we are still waiting for the professionals to come out and assess his needs, I am going to get on the phone Monday to chase them up, everything works at snails pace.

polly xx

So sorry that any hope of your husbands sight has been dashed,it must be so hard to come to terms with losing one of his senses like that, I don't think I could ever come to terms with it, even though I am not the woman I was now that emphy has caught up with me, I feel Blessed to have my sight and a well working hand. I think you coped so well with the appointment and you kept calm, a space was there for you so that was handy, good luck with the help and I hope they hurry things up a bit! I was reading that they are trying to train dogs to help people with copd, if you could have a dog each how would that sound to you Polly?

huff xxx

Glad it wasn't as bad as you thought pollyjj. I really hope that the powers that be pull out all the stops for your hubby and you and I am sending you very best wishes. Take care. xxxx :)

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