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My biggest enemy - me!

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Will I never learn? As some of you know on here that I have the nickname of Mrs Nosey as I ask the questions everyone wants to know the answers to but are to afraid to ask. Another part of being so nosey is I have to poke around in drawers and such like :) (wooden drawers you rude lot! )

Well I have had my son staying with me for a few weeks and he went back to Slovenia last Thursday and before going back he asked if it was OK for him to leave a few things behind in the spare bedroom - of course I said yes I am his Mum after all and the house will be part his when I kick it!

Now here is where my being nosey has got me into trouble. I decided to have a look at what he had left behind, come on admit it so would a fair few of you too, anyway I opened a drawer and it had just some 't' shirts in it and a toilet bag which was not closed properly so being conscientious ;) I thought I had better close it properly and as I did so I hit the nozzle on his aftershave and got a big spray of Marc Jacobs Bang!!! Oh hell I have now found yet another thing I am allergic to :(

Wheeze, wheeze, cough, splutter, spray, down on knees crawl out of the room, blast of ventolin, phone neighbour, throw up, nebuliser on the go, the cats locked in the run and every window in the house wide open to get rid of the smell.

Will it cure my nosiness? Hell No I will just be more careful in future :D :D

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Lol, serves you right for nosing :-D :-D. I would nosy too, to my shame xx

I suppose we have got to have a look !!


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Explain that one away when he come back. Are all women not the same, they have the nosey streak built into their brain .. Nice one though. xxx


My son wouldn't leave anything worth looking at in the first place as he knows that I would be nosey.

Very glad to hear that it won't cure the noisiness - bummer on the aftershave though :(

I seem to be okay with perfume and son's aftershave generally apart from one, Poison - oh my days, the chest rebels violently if I get a whiff of that.

My son (the army one) has left loads of stuff here at home. I have never once looked through it. I suppose it's a good job I am not a woman.

Bobby xxx

i would just have to have a look lol

Got to look, might have left some washing or damp towels or things like that, my missus always checks and I m still living in the house.

I was asked if I ever looked into my hubbies trouser pockets no I haven't nor did I check my 3 sons pockets


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jandan in reply to thatcham1939

Not even before taking them to the cleaners or washing them? Mind you I would never have gone through my husbands pockets either the same as I wouldn't look in his wallet. But drawers are fair game :D

that's Karma for you Mrs N. Parker!

Oh dear Jan, I would say that'll teach you but I would have done exactly the same! How terrible we are. Nosey parker 1 and 2. Pete would have been like you and choked half to death but me, I could be as nosey as I liked, get sprayed with whatever, and just carry on. Hope you are well recovered and take better care next time. xxxxxxxxxx :)

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