Suggestion: Register/List of organisations/people who can help 'fill in forms'

Suggestion: Register/List of organisations/people who can help 'fill in forms'

Just to gauge opinion, and maybe get the BLF interested too. Through the various Breathe Easy groups, and individuals too, would it be possible to create a list or register of organisations and/or individuals who can help with filling in forms?

A lot of places do not have a Welfare Rights Officer, or an Age UK office, or a DIAL office or anything much come to that. CAB's are being swamped with people needing advice and are cutting back themselves, so who is out there who can help people like users of this forum who are simply overwhelmed by these forms for DLA, PIP, ESA and so on.

Although the BLF Helpline will look at Benefits, they don't seem to have a page on the website that goes into detail about what you need to do to apply. I've read the page at which lists the various allowances. What I'm looking at is a nationwide directory (big hope!) that people can refer to and get someone to give them one-to-one assistance.

It seems that there is another Postcode Lottery with things like this. Some areas have help, some don't. I often answer messages on here and point people towards the various organisations I can find for them, if I know the area they are in (not always given on profiles). It would be most helpful if the BLF Helpline had a list they can refer to where they know they can pass people on to, rather than having to look specifically every time.

A thought - would BLF 's Comms Team be able to co-ordinate this with the BE groups? It would give the BE groups a task that helps people in their local area too.

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  • Sounds a good idea to me Gordon. As I said on another blog my local Welfare Rights department have been a Godsend to me. A single list of those organisations that can help with claims would be great for people less fortunate than me.


  • I can't help but I do agree it would be a great help to a lot of people.

    Well thought of Gordon.

    polly xx

  • there are charity organisations that can help, such as age concern, help the homeless, british legion, also if any member is a places for people tenant they can access a benefits advisor via their main office and there's also a charity called signpost, hope this is of some use


  • These are the organisations I mean, but nobody seems to have readily accessible lists of what is available in a given area. Some have welfare rights officers at their locla council, some do not. DIAL exists in a lot of places, but there are big gaps. Same with Age UK and many more.

    The general idea is to recruit the help of Breathe Easy groups and the BLF to ask each other, and users of this forum, about who to ask and how to contact them, rather than re-invent the wheel everytime someone needs such support.

  • I think that is a great idea Gordon. It would benefit a lot of people.

    Lynne xx

  • Love the pun :D

  • Well Gordon that sounds a mighty good idea to me, I live in a larger city so there are many organisation to advise and we also have a few charities who help those who have difficulty in performing the physical act of filling in forms, but as we know not all areas have such help so a list would show people the nearest to their home and maybe the BLF could pass on the details to breathe easy groups anyway fingers crossed maybe one day this will happen

  • Excellent idea Gordon


  • I recall ages ago someone mentioning that some GP surgeries can help with this too, I am guessing that will depend on the surgery though, not just the location.

    I expect some mobility agencies may be able to help too, maybe independent living has a list of this sort of thing and shop mobility may have someone dealing with it.

    Breathe easy groups are another avenue to find out about local contacts as often some of speakers booked advise on such matters, and usually this list of contacts is maintain for future re booking.

    But I agree anything national or local would be helpful, like an A-Z directory.

  • Sounds a great idea Gordon, gets my vote, as such a lot of local areas have such a hit or miss information it would be great to be able to go to just one informatiobn point.

  • A very good suggestion.

  • A great idea Gordon.

    Bev xx

  • Hi Gordon, it is a good idea however due to govt funding changes some of the agencies only have the money to pay an advisor in the short term and therefore the list would become out of date very quickly.

    For anyone in my area there is an advisor at the Marleine Reid Centre, Coalville Leics.01530 510515. Cheers Lesley

  • Sound like a very good idea - hope something comes of it - well done for the suggestion xx

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