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MDF has long been considered to be a very dangerous material. It has often been referred to as " the new asbestos". America and Australia have very strict rules and regulations about the use and every aspect of the material. In fact there are organisations that want to see it banned in those countries. Specific guidelines are documented about the correct use and disposal of the stuff by H&S organisations in the UK because they consider it to be poisonous. Urea Formaldehyde the key bonding ingredient of MDF has been confirmed as a cancer causing substance. It has been considered so hazardous that some manufacturers of MDF now produce a "safe version".

I am so confused because all of my exhaustive enquiries within the medical and legal professions show that there are no registered cases of lung disease or problems that have been caused by MDF directly.

Is there anyone out there who knows of such a case.

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  • According to the Health & Safety Executive website the danger seems to be more inhaling the fine dust when it is sawn rather than the formaldehyde.

  • Can't help you on that one but it would be nice to know the outcome


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  • This link may help explain a little:

    Link also advises what precautions you should be taking regarding respiratory protection.

  • I worked in a wood factory for quite a few years making fireplaces and radiator covers,, all made of mdf health and safety was almost non existant,, my daughter was the 1st to notice my cough,,like trying to clear my throat constantly, but i had,nt noticed,,,it cleared after i left there,, but often wonder if there will be lung problems for people who worked with it,,i have emphysema and my dr said he had never come across any persons suffering through working with mdf,,,

  • Hello Chrissie.

    Likewise. I worked in a school as a DT technician. The place was a wreck when I arrived, more like a skip full of MDF. I soon developed a cough that would go during the holidays. H&S came second to the funds required to the purchase of paper and pens. An utter mess.

    I now have an interstitial lung disease that my consultant tells me is not caused by the inhalation of MDF over a period of 4 years. Yet every medical person I have met ask the first question " Do you work in a dusty environment"? Solicitors and lawyers have no previous cases to go on so I feel totally abandoned.

  • Whats MDF?

  • Hello Hypercat.

    MDF = medium density fibreboard. Basically it the cheap material that kitchens, and a great number of furnature items are made of. Ikea use it by the shed load.

    Hope that helps.

  • mdf is not good,my son in law is an electrician works with builders,he said its cheap nasty and a health hazard to the lungs,wants baning

  • The thing is Caroll it seems that everybody knows it is an extreme hazard including the people who make it. Yet according to the medical and legal profession it's not that bad.

  • Oh thanks harmonica

    Bev x

  • sounds like nasty stuff - does it cause health problems with the lungs? - oh no that is cigarettes isn't it - the cause of all lung problems ..... I wonder how many problems it has actually caused that have been missed because those affected smoked so that this as a possible cause has been ignored - just a thought. not saying smoking good or does not cause problems but do think it can be an all too easy culprit - so to speak.

  • hi yes they put all down to smoking,watever,it does cause damage to lungs

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