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e-cigs to be a medicine ?

e-cigs to be a medicine ?

BBC - E-cigarettes face new restrictions

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Electronic cigarettes will be licensed as a medicine in the UK from 2016, under new regulations..."levels of contamination" had been found in the products and some were poorly manufactured....There will be no compulsory licensing of the products until 2016 but until then they are not recommended for use..."We can't recommend these products because their safety and quality is not assured, and so we will recommend that people don't use them,"...The MHRA had decided not to ban the products entirely but to work towards a position where they are licensed,

No mention of them being on prescription...yet !

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Hi Gordon, I cant see it TBH, they are not a medicine, along with the patches, nicotine inhalers etc. I think this is scaremongering . . the treasury must be loosing millions on cigarettes! Hmm, something to think about. Personally I don't like them. Preferred the nicotine inhaler.

xx Ros xx

Hi Ros

I'm addicted to my Nicorette Inhaler!!! I've been using it for years and I sometimes wonder if it's doing me any harm. I use between two and four cartridges a day.

I did ask at my GPs Surgery about inhalers and was told that they were a whole lot better than smoking cigarettes.

I think it is time to try to wean myself off the blasted things but I don't know how to. Cold turkey or gradually?

E-cigarettes didn't appeal to me when I was trying to give up smoking cigarettes. I had read a few articles which said that not a lot was known about the effects of using them.



The best way is to keep using the inhaler as it is a hand to mouth

addiction. Addiction to nicotine only takes a few days to leave your

system, so I would just use one cartridge a day but keep the hand to mouth

going for a while. then with an empty cartridge . . you should be off the nicotine before you know it.

Then try and find something to do with your hands. (ooops sounds rude).

like eating celery and raw carrots. Or just continue with an empty inhaler until you find you get bored with it lol

Good luck Annec.

I know many on here use them, but I have always been against them due to the unregulation and the toxins they are said to contain, which for all we know might be worse than cigarettes.

My last and successful attempt to quit did not involve carrying on with the nicotine. I think that's why I failed before, because I continued to feed myself nicotine in one form or another.

Just my personal view, but it worked for me.

Lynne xx

Ha ha will they have nicotine chewing gums on prescription lol.

They already are!

Agree Lynne, cold turkey, hard but can be done.

x Ros x

The biggest problem with "E-Cigs" is that anyone can make and sell them.

If people are willing to make fake prescription drugs out of cement dust and no one actually knows what else.

What will they put in something that is freely available and sold at unrestricted outlets.

Some of the stuff in the real ones is frightening (anti freeze) never mind the fake ones.

They do contain some really toxic chemicals that are untested for inhaling.

Well said pete1958


Your daily humour tonic

Good :)

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O Ye Great Post Gordon :)

Hi All. Here in Denmark you are not able to buy them , people buy them over the internet, you see plenty of people who has them, but there was a big news item on them here, no one will issue a licence for them to be sold.

Have a good day


You have me concerned for my sister in law now as I know she is planning on spending her money on a supply of vapour cigs that come in different flavours,would they be the same thing? huff x

Yes Huff, they are. Denmark is not the only country to refuse to sell them. The problem is they are mostly made in China who don't exactly have a good record when it comes to safety, as most products are not tested or covered by any regulation.

Lynne xx

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Thank you Lynne,I'm seeing her today and I will let her know! Hope your day is good,huff xxx

You can read what the BLF had to say on this news here:

Thank you for the link. I tried e cigs about 18 months ago and got on very well with them until the second batch of refills which I did not seem to get any nicotine hit with and because of that I soon got fed up with them - which was a pity because I went back to smoking the real thing. So it was interesting to see in your link that the nicotine content can vary even from batch to batch - confirms then that this drop in nicotine content was probably not Just in my imagination. I was also worried about exactly what was in them because of them being unregulated. To my mind the first country that regulates them could make some of its citizens a fortune in exporting them - as I would certainly consider them again if they were guaranteed as properly regulated.

I think the govements concerned more about losing the vast amounts of tax from real cigs. its crazy theres such a big fuss over E.cigs when you can legally buy real cigs that are far more harmful, its all about money with the pretence thats its a health issue.

very true

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