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worried sick waiting for outcome of atos and the decison maker UPDATE


Well I plucked up the courage to phone the DWP today.

I was told the the decision maked had ruled that I stay on ESA in the support group for a further two years, at which time my case will be reviewed again.

I am certainly glad that nightmare is over, I feel very relieved but also very angry for all the stress and anguish it has caused.

I submitted my claim form on 4th April and it has taken them all this time to sort it out.

Still, at least it's over now.

I thank each and everyone of you for your help and support, it truly is appreciated.

best wishes


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Thank Goodness !

It is a very worrying time when you've sent in paperwork and have to wait for them to get back to you. Anyone claiming ESA has that (up to 13 week) period to hold on and see what they decide.

Worse still if you're plucked out of the queue to go see ATOS and be interviewed. At least you avoided that step :)

I'm so glad to hear the result, but the time it has taken is appalling.

I know, but don't ask me how, that the delays are due to the huge staff cuts they have had. They have mountains of work within each regional centre, and only 4 or 5 staff to do it.

Lynne xx


I am so pleased for you. You were so worried. At least you have got some good news now and I can't see them taking it off you in two years. Happy days for you.

Best wishes


Great news and hopefully you can breathe again a little easier now :)

Good news! I am pleased to hear it. Keep well.

Good news, congratulations.

Hope on next review you sale through without a care or concern.

Good to hear you got the right result Vangelis.

I await a decision also or request for another interview - had one in October which I appealed and won, but here we are again! so I know what you've been through. Now the pressure is off, stay well

Although I have come in at the end of this...I am sure others will agree that if you ever need to talk as in talk about the benefits I am here...

Fantastic you can relax and enjoy the summer after that stressful time.

Hope you continue to visit this site .

All the best

I received a lettter yesterday, i am entitled to ESA i'm in the support group havn't got to attend any work related activity, but wasn't told how long , vangellis was told 2 years ,mine starts on the 28th june, has anyone been accepted but not told how long ? Thank you Lynne

You will get 2-3 letters about the decision, the one that will give information on when you're due for review is the ESA72, on that funny recycled paper, page 2 'Future Assessments'.

The first letter most seem to get is a single page ESA120, also on recycled paper, to say you've been put in the support group, or work group. Yo may also get a 4-5 page letter on white paper to give you the rates they will pay.

Thank you Gordon x

HI Lynne, it should say on the reverse of the letter, giving a review date.


Thank you Jean x


Thank's everyone for your help and support throuh this difficult time, I really appreciate it.

Although I am greatly relieved, all the stress this has caused has set my GAD and OCD back months, my GP is not happy about it at all as I was getting on quite well. He is now trying to get me back down to the 20mg valium daily (this is part of my treatment) from the 45mg of valium daily I have been taking to help with the stress, to say my GP is annoyed is an understatement, He says I might have to go into a drug rehabilitation centre if I can't cut right back on the valium.

In reply to raiz, It was the women on the phone who told me the outcome of the decision maker and my next review was to be in 2 years time (April 2015)

I still haven't recieved any letters or anything,

but the woman said it could take a few days for me to get those.

regards to all and a huge thank you


Thank you Vangellis, wishing you well x

Well I got the brown envelope today stating I was to continue getting ESA in the support group, It told me how much I would be getting and also that I was entitled to a £10 christmas bonus that would be paid in the first payment in december, It then went on to say that "the amounts on this page apply from 1 April 2013 to 27 November 2013" I can only assume that as the 27 November would be the one before I get the £10 christmas bonus on the next payment, I was a little confused so I rang them again and they confirmed I had been awarded the payments for 2 years up to April 2015. It does not say anywhere that I have been awarded this in the letter.

All I got was a letter stating that my claim had been reviewed and I would be paid the rates on page 2.

It didn't say anything about it being a ESA120 or anything, it was just a 4 page letter telling me about how to appeal etc and the rates etc.

Will I get another letter telling me about it being awarded for 2 years.



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