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D.L.A. Award

After 5 attempts I have finally been given DLA.

You really do need to keep trying after all.

Just got the letter saying I have highest award for mobility and lowest award for care.

Rang the DWP and guess what ?

I still have to attend for my ESA support to get me back to work.

Just have to convince my self what type of job I would really like to have a go at.

Anyone know of any jobs that are suitable for a guy with heart failure, COPD and Diabetes.

Must have flexible hours (nights are good cos I cant sleep) but no manual or stressful things.


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The perfect job for you? Sit down (as opposed to stand-up) comedian! x

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Yet another case of the different DWP sections not talking to each other. You'd think that they would at least compare notes when dealing with DLA and ESA for one person. I've got this in reverse, was put in support group for ESA yet awaiting a tribunal for DLA !

How about night watchman - at the DWP ?

I,m still fighting dla,, 3rd attempt, but like you have been put on the go back to work/support group,,so who would like to employ me at the grand age of 60,,with rhumatoid hands that don,t work very often and emphysema,,,its a joke,,,but on the plus side,,i have 33 months to go till i retire,,,,,,,

Decision maker at DWP

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I am going to have to think of a job for me! I was planning to retire on ill health!

Experiences on this site suggest i will be able to pass and atos medical!

I have many medical issues but the 'bar' seems to be set awfully low!!

Good luck in your quest!


get a job for theN H S in a hospital you might be safe there


What about a job as a crash test dummy? Short hours, transport provided and the DWP would probably approve. Congratulations on getting your DLA mate it's well earned.

Best regards


Think the DWP is already full to capacity with dummies.

Unfortunately they have very little in the way of common sense or real world living.

I am still convinced they have targets figures on the amount of people they can give it to.

The wife thinks I could do an hour or 2 every other week.

But would need flexibility to deal with the bad days.

I still think I could do an MPs job.

Free everything and only 130 days a year, and even those are optional if you turn in.

Congratulations and celebrations we want the world to know you got your DLA.Never give up trying.


Your daily tonic of humour

Congratulations on the award, I am sure these assessment people live in a different world to us, I bet they get sick pay or full wages for every day they take off

Hi Pete... It is a shame the CAB are no longer contracted to help those in need and seeking Benefits. Besides being ill (in 2005) with chest problems (a life long issue) I was a Mental Health Patient and the CAB helped and did all the work for me to get the benefits they knew I was entitled to. Since I have been diagnosed with COPD I have now applied for the higher rate Mobility so will have to see how that goes.

Bset of luck "IamPaws"

I did the forms myself, but would hate to try and have another go.

The questions are so slanted against anyone claiming,unless your terminally ill and have lost both legs and arms.

When the new "Universal credit" system kicks in, only those that are to ill to go outside anymore will qualify it seems.

Oh well...just thought I would try and see what happens - will post the outcome here once I have it...

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