Iv'e just had the call!!!!!

15 mins ago while frying some bacon the phone rang. It was Sharon my transplant co-ordinator saying they may have a lung for me and to stay near the phone this morning while they do an antibodies match check. She will ring as soon as they know so its fingers crossed.

This could be a very long morning but I'm managing to stay calm so far.

The bacon will have to wait now as Iv'e been told its nil by mouth just in case and it smells so good.

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  • Wow Tony I have everything crossed for you! all the very best of luck and everything! I'm so excited for you,hope its a match,good luck! love huffer xxx

  • This could be the day Iv'e been working towards and I feel in pretty good shape. Iv'e reached the target weight the transplant consultant set me and my breathing is as good as its been in a long time so everything that can be done has been done.

    Bring it on I say

    Thanks hufferpuffer for your support.

  • Oh Tony. A million good lucks. Can one of the family let us know what's happening and give us progress reports if you go in?

    Lynne xx

  • My daughter is already a member and will keep you updated if it happens.

    Tony xxx S

  • All the best of luck from me too

  • Hi Knitter can you knit me some good luck as I may be in need of it later.


  • I will look for some green wool and knit a four leafed clover fo you

  • That sounds brilliant!! nice one knitter.

  • Morning Tony. I am married to a Sharon and by coincidence she is also a transplant co-ordinator. She transplants my pension to her bank account. lol

    I hope the antibody check works out ok and I am keeping everything crossed for you.


  • Thanks Bobby, My wife is also Sharon and I know what you mean about any money that come's into the house. I get DLA and ESA but I never see any of it.

    Maybe today will be the start of a new life and me making a return to work.


  • I felt so excited for you when I read your post. Fingers crossed and good luck x

  • Thanks SusieQs for your kind support

  • Wow - i wish you so much luck. I have been absent from the site for a while with a little bit of burying my head. I have just read your blog about your amazing bike ride and I found it truly inspirational. Time to get my head out of the sand and start getting my body into shape. Fingers crossed for you today and hope the antibodies match. X

  • Not sure I'm right about the antibody things-anyway hope the lungs are a match is what I meant to say!

  • Oh a pan full of bacon and can't eat it but it's worth the sacrifice, hope all goes well we will be thinking of you, all the best

    Lib x

  • The very best of luck xxxxxx

    Liz x

  • Thinking of you! xx

  • Goodluck dall05 hope all goes well xx

  • Everything crossed, good luck.xx

  • Oh Tony I really really wish you well and I have everything crossed for you here

    Big Hugs and loads of good thoughts winging their way to you (and Sharon) xxxxxx

  • Oh, Tony really hoping that this is it for you!!! How exciting! Lots of love, best wishes and kind thoughts TAD xx

  • My heart skipped a beat,when I read your news! How fantastic for you,the waiting must be excruciating though!!

    Everything crossed for you,you are in my heart dear Tony,

    Love to you & family,xxxx

  • Brilliant news, fingers crossed for you.

  • Great news,best wishes to you :)

  • Got everything crossed for you the wait must be so hard thoughts and prayers are with you


  • Fingers crossedTony


  • Hi Tony, I've just come in from my walk and have just seen your blog it's amazing news we are praying it goes ahead if anyone deserves this it is you, have been an inspiration to me and others if it was me I would be on my bike to the hospital, Joke M8, MC

  • Hello Tony.

    Everything crossed for you, I will be thinking of you.

    Kim xxxx

  • Woohoo! Fantastic news. Good luck. :-) :-) Alison

  • Good luck x

  • Bit late with my good luck message because by now you will know! Hope it all worked out okay.

    Carole x

  • good luck x x

  • I am so so pleased for you, I just popped in to reply to a message and I happend to see a post from you so had to read..............I am smiling from head to toe for you, all the best hun xxxx

  • Just read this post wishing u all the best .xx

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