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Hmm up early felt good!

Hmm up early felt good!

Well after using my new Whistle Chamber I was up bright and breezy this morning. Had a brill nights sleep.

0530hrs. Took mutley out for her early walks with a spring in my step (well nearly) so I could avoid the early morning joggers. Now for some reason my Dana dog has a thing about joggers, quite embarrassing really (blushes) 'cause she wants to join in, but nips their bums on the way past.

xx Ros xx

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A good nights sleep makes all the difference! have a good day too! huff x :)

What's a Whistle Chamber?

Oh I am sorry C,cat. you will find all the info on my WOW blog.

Hope you understand,

xx Ros xx

~Phew Coolcat . . lol read back a bit, I have explained

Good luck

xx Ros xx

Great to hear,keep up the good work,

Love Wendells xxx

My daughter has told me to get a Wi Fi, more fun than a bike. Sadly I have a very expensive mountain bike gathering dust, but too afraid I will loose my balance.

So will look up Wi Fi's online lol

Just cant imagine how I am gonna do it :0)

Xx Ros xx

Bloeing in the w3indEh?


Your daily humour tonic

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