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Hi guys I have been a member for a couple of months since being Diagnosed with COPD you have given me fantastic advice as I am a newbie to all of this I have another question ok all day I have felt my chest tight and my voice was croaky I just had a cough that was very dry and I had some green gunk up and my chest now feels raw like sand paper any ideas guys thanks to you all x

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I dont suffer with COPD but other chest stuff. I really think you need to see your GP tomorrow asap. It sounds as if you have an infection of some sort. Certainly ring your BLF nurse. Check your temperature, too. If you are worried, ring NHS Direct or 111, before then.

All the best, annieseed.

Thanks x

Agree With Annieseed Sounds Like You Have Infection ... Defo Doc Job

Thanks Daz x

It sounds like you might be having the first signs of a chest infection. Best to get doctor to check it out and get on the right medication asap.

Thanks x

The symptoms are those we get with a chest infection, please try to get into the doctor asap (tomorrow am) and get some meds (or attend a walk in clinic),. usually antibiotics and prednisolone prescribed but the doc will want to check you out before prescribing, just mention your symptoms as you have here be sure to mention your COPD diagnosis. Best not delay, sooner it is treated the quicker will be your recovery,

Take good care.

BC x

Thanks x

Patient has already been informed!! Please read.

Hi Annie. I'm not clear which one of us you were referring to, I think several people posted at the same time. So if it was mine, sorry.

Lynne xx

I agree with everyone. It sounds like a chest infection. You need meds as soon as possible.

Lynne xx

Meant to say, when the GP listens to your chest, if they hear a crackle, then it's an infection.

I would advise going there saying you think it's an infection and you have copd so you think you need ABs and a course of steroids. Unless your doctor understands the condition, I find it best to lead them a bit when you know yourself what is wrong.

Also ask them to give you a rescue pack of ABs and steroids to keep at home. I learned that the hard way.

Good luck and let us know.

Lynne xx

Thanks Lynne x

Good advice from Lynne. I keep antibiotics in to take immediately there is a sign of infection but had to argue with my GP initially to get them, quoting advice from my consultant. The sooner the gunge is hit the better. Good luck.

Yeo sounds like an infection to me as well the quicker you see your dr the better no point in letting get a grip always better to nip it in the bud.

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