ipf short of breath

i have ipf which was diagnosed in march i am on oxygen therapy 24/7 2L recently i have trouble when i start moving about i get really breathless my resp nurse came to see me and told me to up my oxygen to 3Lwhen moving about but i now find when i go back to 2L its as if its doing nothing for me i go for a walking test on the 26th june will this let them know if my level has to be increased this is all new to me so i would be grateful for any info thank you for listening xxxx

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  • I am not sure but perhaps you could ring the helpline in the morning I am sure the nurses could advise you. Take good care and look after yourself Tad x x

  • thank you tadaw will do that thanks again for your concern you take care too xxx

  • Hi BLF Will Have Good Advice .... But Walking Test Is To See How Much Oxygen You Need And How Much Your Levels Drop When You Do Stuff Its Not Just A Waking Test Thay Wil See What Your Like At Rest Too

    But As Others Have Said BLF Is Best To Ask .. All The Best :)

  • The number is 03000 030 555

  • thank you daz and lynne i will defo phone in the morning thank you for your interest xxx

  • Hi WA 60, I have pulmonary fibrosis and have found that exercise is the key to improving your condition. Yes steroids do help but keeping your lungs clear of mucus is a great help through hard exercise with the occasional rest day.

    I have found that sitting around is the easy short term answer but only leads to a decline in your condition. I have improved my condition by daily hard exercise and I am capable of doing so much more than I once could.

    I still get out of breath but it dosn't stop me from pushing myself on a daily basis, I know it has improved my condition and have improved my 6 minute walk time and oxygen blood levels which confirm what I already know.


  • Hello weeannie60. My walk test resulted in being told to use 2lpm when sitting and 4lpm when moving. They should sort you out, don't worry. :)

  • thanks tony ive heard excercise helps so ill ask about that too as i dont like doing nothing so if it helps ill try anything thank you for taking time to answer me xx

  • thanks toci hopefully they will sort me out i feel a bit more relaxed after everyones help thank you :) xx

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