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Spoke to my gp regarding my spirometry results

Still don't properly understand the results but my gp as said my fv level is 79 which is supposed to be good and if I have copd it is very.mild case I asked why was I feeling so breathless then is replie was well your iron levels have Bern low for sportiness your thyroid levels have been high proper annoyed as it's been like this for nearly 3 months and my gp didn't tell me anything

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Well that's an excellent level Pamela, a good start to work from. You're already doing things right by kicking the cigs out of touch, next is good diet and exercise and hopefully you will keep things as good as possible. At least now you know a bit more :)

Sucking On Liquid E Fag Will Make Iron Level Low ... Lung Conditions Are Complex Businesses But At Least Your Doc Is On The Ball

Me And Gordon Have Talk About Iron And Is Complex Business ... When We Find Cure Will Let You Know :)

All The Best

Hi Pamela. It might be a good idea to speak with someone at BLF about your results. Your FEV1 is very good, well done on that.

Their number is 03000 030 555.

Lynne xx

Dazisnotsogood I bought an e cig but only used it once because I was told it as never Bern tested in England I've been using an inalator for the past 13,days ;) regadimg my fv 1 is that a good level xx

Well to put it into context, Pamela, mine is 21% - I guess that makes your 79% pretty wonderful ! :)

Depends What Your Condition Is I Have Good Fv1 But Its Only Blood Gas Test Are Accurate With My Condition ....

I Know Your Doc Said You Have COPD But What That Mean Really As COPD Is Uberla Term

That's true activity and hopefully it will stay at that level,for many Years xxx

Decomposition and don't understand all,of,this so Iam going to ring the blf up tomorrow like Lynne suggested thankyou lynne xx

Sorry that's supposed to,say,dazisnotsogood my stupid phone :) xxx

Pamela, my kindle fire is like that. Strange words get replaced with what "it" selects. I type a strange word, then click on the word before it is used to make it stay.

Hi annieseed it so embarrsing thou sometime I forget to check the msg before,I send it xx

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