Copd and high blood pressure

Hi, just wondered if anyone could offer me any advise, I have severe COPD and have been to the doctors today-( unrelated to my COPD,)I had my blood pressure checked and it measured 165 over 80, the nurse stated that this was quite high and wants to re measure it in 2 weeks time. I have never suffered with high blood pressure before and wondered if this could be related to my COPD? Has anyone else in the same position.........

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  • Hello, There is a link between inactivity and high blood pressure Carroll, whether there are any other factors of copd that lead to hbp I don't know. I, too, have high blood pressure this past year, having never had it before. As my symptoms of copd progress, the less active I have become, naturally. I now have medication which does the trick. George

  • It may be unrelated, but just last week news filtered through that people with high blood pressure (and diabetes) should be checked for sleep apnoea. Here's one of the links

    You can also check on BLF's site for symptoms

  • I have always had low blood pressure but it is now classed as "normal" since having emphysema - so maybe a rise does come with the territory.

  • Hi Carroll, I have always had raised blood pressure and doctors have suggested that things like asthma,bronchitis and copd can be the underlying cause. As long as I take the water tablets I can keep my blood pressure within the guide lines even though I am overweight so not sure whether COPD does cause higher blood pressure. It maybe a one off so wait till it's retested in two weeks,when it might be back to normal fingers crossed.

  • Hi My husband has just been diagnosed with high blood pressure too was found out when he was quite ill with an infection. His was 197 over 117! The good news is he now takes a tablet once a day and nlood pressure back to normal and morning headaches now disappeared. I too wonder if the Copd caused the high blood pressure or vice versa ( or at least a connection). Hope yours soon returns to normal. Take care Tad x x x

  • I've had high blood pressure for the past 10 years I was only diagnosed with copd 3 1/2 years ago. High BP runs in my family 5 children 2 smoked, 1 overweight 1 "normal" and the only boy died 5 years ago he had diabetes. We were all in our 40's when diagnosed with high BP, don't know if this is any help to you.

  • I have COPD severe stage 4, my blood pressure has always been normal. Seems another case of everyone is different. Keep smiling

    Carole x

  • I too have high blood pressure.i did have shortness of breath---but loosing weight helped me to breathe better.

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