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After sending in my first application for DLA some weeks back and being turned down, I decided to apply again following deterioration of my condition (EAA), a further visit to my Respiratory Consultant and many visits to my GP since the application had gone in.

When I had previously applied, they sent out a form (many pages) for me to fill in - so yesterday, I did the same - phoned up, not realising it was the first day of the switch over to PIP. So another phone number to ring. Perhaps the format was the same with DLA - a long (30 minute) phone conversation giving the usual personal details: Name, Adddress, Drs Address, Specialist, etc... Now if like me, you weren't quite prepared and didn't have every single detail to hand - addresses and phone numbers (I was expecting them just to ask my address and post the form!) you would have perhaps also been surprised that it took almost 10 minutes each time for them to look up such details on their 'system'. Once all the necessary details were taken I was told my claim had been submitted and that a form would be sent out to me to provide further information.

What I gleaned from this costly (to me) conversation, was that the questions asked are exactly the ones I filled in on the DLA form! Was this the case for DLA applications too? It just seems pointless when I could have taken my time (as I did with the DLA application) to provide the necessary information and sent the whole thing back in one.

What I will do when the rest of the form arrives this time, is to really think very carefully what I am putting in regard to my condition and how I feel/how it makes me feel, and to provide them with detailed reports from various medical people. Do I hold out much hope of it being successful this time? Nope! But you never know...

Whinge over!


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Hi Pip Is Very Bad ..... You Would Have To Be In Hospital To Get It .... Or Dead Is A Joke But Defo Not Funny

When You Are F#### And Can't Work ... Life Or What Is Left Of It Abject Poverty :O

You Need To List Everything Eyesight Fingers And Toes

A Did Mine And Taking Piss .... So I Told Them As You Not Asking Am Going To Telling You

Did Apologise And Blamed My Condition

On my DLA they asked for a doctors letter!

Do they do the same on the new form?

xx Ros xx

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Yes They Do Its Up To You To Prove You Are ill So Yes Supply Everything

I don't know about the new PIP form, but if you can get the CAB to help you fill in the form it will be much better than doing it yourself. They are very good and you will not feel as if you are dealing with it by yourself.


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Agreed But Its Not Easy Geting Help

So If You Need To Take Few Days Use Different Ink And Like My Forms Shows I Defo Have Lots Of Problems :O

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To me, it seems unfair! Our caring sharing society is being eroded everyday!

The state pension retirement age has been pushed to 66 and employers have lots of choice!

If we are deemed fit enough to work, just who is going to employ us?

I am totally disillusioned with our government. Is this the best we have???????

Interestingly enough, i dreamed i had a job in telesales last night! I walked out.

Enjoy your day

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That wasn't a dream Kevi - it was a nightmare! George

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You are right george! It was odd, to say the least.

Enjoy your evening


The PIP claim is in two parts,

The first part is as you described, by telephone it just confirms that you are entitled to claim,

The second part is (how you are effected)

You will be encourage to supply as much evidence as can to support you claim, test results,ect.

Good luck

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This may help you , just arrived by e-mail

It seems that they are making PIP a similar starting procedure to Jobseekers and ESA, where you give them lots of details over the phone so they can get that into the system and verify the doctor's details and so on, rather than wait for you to send the paper form and then find that due to a mis-spelling they need to ask for your doctor's name again. I had this with my ESA application, spent ages on the phone telling them all this kind of thing, then the form came and all I had to do was send in my medical certificate and proof of my pension payments.

With PIP they then send some forms out to ask about your condition and abilities. Here's the information booklet that comes with it ->

and here is an example of the PIP2 document itself -

** Note that they warn you should not try to use printed versions of the form. I can't see why as it must make it clearer to read at their end? Are we now going to be assessed on our ability to use joined-up-writing too ?

The GOV.UK site has been updated to give a bit more info about PIP -

It also suggests getting help. I entered my postcode and was told that my local council would provide details of organisations, so I clicked the link - and it does not work :O

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fishtail in reply to Gordon57

just like the tory government,"it does not work".

Thanks for the advice/comments and links. I'll see about getting some help with the form. I have reports and plenty of results - but I still have this niggling feeling from what I'm reading online and in the press, that it's going to be even harder now that the system has changed.

Will keep you posted

Hi , I would recommend photocopying everything you send including the form xxxxx

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