Thank you ,thank you,thank you,thank you....................Richard

.................................................... Four big thank you's

First of all a UGE BIG thank you to all of you who have so far read and commented on my blog 'Were you born in the 1930's.40's,50's,60's,70's, early eighties.''.

The response has been phenominal.I think every decade was represented.

Isn't it nice to have such a friendly site where we can all share our memories and give support to each other when we are feeling a bit down,console each other in times of need and to be able to cheer each other up .also to share our personal medical issues and maybe pass on advice when asked.

Ther are so many of you out there that are truly caring and for that I also say THANK YOU.

Second .I would like to thank my my Doctor for taking the Patient Participation Group and the surgery staff out for a get to know you and a thank you dinner,We went to a restaurant called the Red Hot World Buffet in Nottingham,what an experience,it is colossal,cuisine stations from

8-9 different countries.The majority of the food being cooked for you in front of you..Starter ,main course ,sweet and you can return to the buffet as many times as you like.

Lovely staff,smart uniforms and very polite.A superb evening.

This was only the second time I had been out to a restaurant for an evening meal in 17 years!

I felt in safe hands with the doctor being present!

Third.I would like to thank my niece .On friday morning my wife received a phone call from nieceshusband that his wife had lost her mobile phone(once again) but they thought it was somewhere in the house but could not find it and had to go to work ,could we please go to the house and see if we could find it.Oh yes only £500 worth of her works mobile phone.

We ,went we searched we found under the cushion on the sunlounger in the garden.

She was so relieved as this would have been the sixth one lost over the last year,scatter brain at times,always has the ringtone turned off.As a thank you we were invited to a BBQ yesterday.

Fourth I would like to thank everyone who is participating in and supporting BREATHE EASY WEEK this week.



Abig thank you to all of you who have joined Breathe Easy and the British Lung Foundation

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  • There's a lot of food involved here Richard. Liking it. :)

  • Just up your street as they say scrobbity

  • That was good to read. I got the message that you had a good time, King. Yes, the decade blog was really good and brought back memories. World Buffets are good. I went to one in Dubai (dont like the place) and tasted the wasabi paste. I thought my head was going to hit

    the moon!!

  • It is nice to feel a bit of good news for a change

  • It,s our pleasure Richard, you make our days here fun & welcoming, & it,s we who should be thanking you

    Bless you


    Karen xxxx

  • Don't get sentimental on me Karren


  • A lovely time King, and well deserved as you do so much for others.

    Lynne xx

  • It was nice to get out and not have a care in the world

  • I always enjoy your blogs Richard and this one was no different it was lovely to have all those memories awoken. The 70's were the best time in my life. It was good to remember. A big Thank You.

  • Thank you copder.I have really enjoyed reading all the comments

  • Never guess, King. Dare I mention but I have just been sent your Chinese joke by a friend. I read it once before it was deleted and I was so cross about that. So now I can pass it on!! Keep blogging, King! I need the jokes, Love Annieseed. x

  • I will try to fulfill your needs Annie !

  • I just wish Azaard had been here to join in the fun

  • Bit of a shame

  • 154 comments Richard. That must be close to the record. I did notice that many of them were ladies so you see I did leave a few for you. A really nice blog Richard, as always from you. Keep healthy young man.


  • You are so kind Bobby.The few ladies you have left for me are the most desirable as are all the ladies on this site.

  • It's you king who keep us all together. Keep on doing what you do so well.

    Love Tina x :)

  • One big happy familly Eh Tina ?

  • loved the decades blog, brought back many many memories xx

  • Thank you for the memories you shared willowgirl

  • You certainly are the 'King', thanks for the laughs. Sounds like you had

    a good night out. Need cheering up so gloomy and dark here, raining too

    Lib x

  • Lib.I thoroughly enjoyed it Lib.It was so different

  • Sounds like you had fun. Maybe don't wait so long before going out for a meal in future! Once again, thank you for your Memories blog.

    Gina x

  • Fun and an experience I shall never forget Gina

  • Hope it's the start of many lovely meals out,what was for pudding ( oh the times I was clipped across the ears for asking that question!) loved the blog,love all your blogs! keep on blogging along! hufferpuffer xxx :) :D XXX

  • Choice of ice cream,orange cheesecake,coconut cake,CHOCOLATE cake,lemon drizzle cake,lemon pie,fresh pineapple chunks,mango pieces and much much more with a choice of sauces.The puds were about an inch square and I tried the lot,Piggy ain't I.

    On another station they would create your own choice flavored ice cream

    You would be in seventh heaven hufferpuffer


  • I surely would you lucky King!!!! :) x

  • Thanks to you too Richard for keeping us all entertained. Good to have the likes of you on this site. Loving the sound of the food and company. Great idea to have doctor on hand. Hope you are well. xxxxx :)

  • elt in good hands having the doctor theresy59

  • That sounded a super buffet,have you put yourself on the scales since?? lol!

    You did get a terrific response,to your blog on the old days,good on you!

    My little memory bank,remembers off& out on our bikes all day,going to the beach,tadpoleing,trying to stay awake,to have a midnight feast with friends,same as they did in the famous five! Helping Grampa,in his beautiful garden,bird watching with my Uncle& collecting birds eggs.Train spotting with my older brother,whom knew all about every train!

    Grandpa made his elderberry wine, & mead,also the honey from his hives,I had to collect jars for him.Gran was a great cook,& gave me my love of cooking.

    It was an ideallic childhood,with very loving Grandparents,for myself,& older brother & sister,the only blight being we rarely saw our parents, but that's another story...

    Anyway,that's my late contribution!

    Hope you enjoyed the BBQ as well,you are getting to be a gad about!!

    Love Wendells xxx

  • I loved every bit of my meal and have enjoyed everyones blog a bout memories and I hope they keep them coming


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