Coughing but no phlegm?

I have this irritation in my throat every now and then and I cough and cough until I see stars and feel I am going to choke, then I have a sneezing fit. I thought it might be the pollen although I do take anti histamines.

But then on Friday I had it in Sainsburys when I was going down the freezer isles the cold seemed to suddenley affect me, I stood there crossed legs hanging onto my trolley, how embarrassing then I sneezed for England, lots of people where giving me a wide berth.

Anyone else have this problem or know anything to help stop it.

polly xx

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  • I don't know how to stop it but it has happened to me - less often that it used to but its exactly the same - lots of unproductive coughing then this silly sneezing. I blow my nose and voila everything is fine. I too would like know what causes this. I have always thought it was somethign to do with post-nasal drip irritating the throat and nose. Answers please! :-)

    Marie x

  • For me it is almost like I have a hair stuck in my throat.

    polly xx

  • I get it fairly regularly Polly. Cough, cough, gough then the sneezing. Sometimes this is followed by a mini-blackout. You are not alone my love.

    Bobby xxx

  • I have not have that happen yet but if it does at least I will know i will be o.k.

    polly xx

  • Never happened to me but am now aware of it, that is what is so good about this site we are educated and prepared from other peoples posts. Sun has just come out.

    Lib x

  • Hi Polly - I have terrible trouble when I go into Sainsbury's - if my breathing is not too bad, five minutes in there and I'm hanging off the trolley. I have often wondered if they particularly have something in their air conditioning?

  • Hi Polly

    I get short coughing periods with itchy throat followed by repeated sneezing but only at this time of year .... for about two/three weeks in June. I've had this for the last three or four years

    I assume its an allergic reaction to some tree pollen that is only produced for a short time.

    You don't mention whether you have been having this for a long while and all through the year.

    It is possible to have a 'hay fever like' allergy that is quite intense but only lasts for a while ..... so it doesn't have to be 'hay' fever or something more worrying just 'tree fever'!!

    Hope you feel better soon


  • I get lots of coughing but don't get the sneezing. It's sometimes embarrassing when you can see people staring at you. Or I often get people telling I need to "give up the smokes" or people stopping telling you they have a sweet somewhere in there bag. Most times I get so annoyed at the cough if I get my hands on it I'd do something awful with it.

  • Hi I also had a bad cough trying to clear my lungs. After speaking to the respirtory nurse I was given Mucodyne 375 capsuline taken 4 times a day great they worked for me .I hope this helps Mary

  • Thanks Mary I use a codeine based cough suppressant it used to work very well but it had lost its affect on me now.

  • ive been getting the sneezes no cough,wen i had a bit cough ppl wud say oh go see gp give up the cigs,i did that at xmas cig free,then id laugh as the said same lit a cig up ,and they would cough,least i thought well i no wat ive got do u

  • Yep, and hi Polly, I can relate to this, unproductive coughing during a scary choking session. Feels as my airways have closed down. I put the sneezing down to pollen, it seems to aggravate everything.

    I am coughing and choking and cannot clear my airways, nose blocked. so unable to breath at all.

    I am now really pushing myself to exercise more and more, hard as it is, I know it is for my benefit.

    Three walks a day with my mutley, but am so weary after that everything else falls by the by.

    Hope my GP takes me seriously tomorrow, I do not think that COPD is his forte . . .

    Will insist, with much help from the wonderful ppl on this site, to ask as may questions as I can . . . and to see a specialist.

    xx Ros xx.

  • Hi Polly, I do this. I only cough a couple of times a day, always unproductive unless I have an infection, but there is always a bout of sneezing after, doesn't matter what time of year. Apparently rhinitis is connected to COPD in some people. Seems with me the coughing happens when I have done something strenuous. Kèep smiling

    Carole x

  • I have this and when I cough in the end I nearly black out. I used to feel like I was drowning in mucuous but my doctor first put me on Montelukaste which helped and then the consultant put me on Theopylline (it felt like I had loads of closed down straws in my chest which suddenly opened when I first took it - not so effective now!). These days I often get nose bleeds and my ears ache from the cough.

    I have found supermarkets to be awful for walking round and end up hanging on to the trolley. That is on days when I can manage them,. I usually try to go to the small local shops instead.

  • I also think supermarkets (my local one is Sainsburys) are really bad places for us. Mine is freezing cold Summer and Winter and even in the hot weather. I always take my coat with me if I know I am going into the awful place. The change of temperature from outside to inside is remarkable and does no one any good. I think it may be to help keep the food fresher.

    They should invest in more fridges to do that.

  • Hi Polly

    I've had the condition you describe ever since I caught a very bad Flu/Virus just b4 Xmas.

    It seems to recur every few weeks but the freezer sections in the supermarkets also trigger it. Think its losing its momentum now though as the attacks are getting less frequent.

    Very embarrasing when people are around.

  • Pete is exactly the same as you are Polly and often coughs and coughs and then sneezes a lot too. It is just something he lives with but I often wonder if pollen of any sort affects him. Not quite sure what can be done other than antihistamines. It is embarrasing if it happens outside and I do feel for you but as you can see, you are not alone. xxxxxxx

  • I used to have similar symptons and my resp. nurse, said try sipping warm water when trying to bring up the phlegm, also I was put on Mucodydene which really helped, But she also said if no phlegm appeared, don't force yourself to try and bring it up as it can cause you to go into bronco spasm, which sounds perhaps like something some of you may be experiencing, perhaps a word with resp. nurse or GP on some physio that may help could be useful, good luck all and hope you all get problem sorted soon, kind regards and a big hug, Janie xxxxx

  • I too have had the sneezing fits and apparently according to my Mother they are at a very high volume - I have always put it down to some sort of allergy from pollen or grass seed as it did seem to happen at certain times of day although like you could also happen in unlikely indoor places but funnily enough since my diagnosis with emphysema have not had any since - maybe one of my medication stops it? Anyway do not be embarrassed you have no control over it - it is just your body getting rid of something that it does not want - as are other things which can cause even more embarrassment -- and laughter ha ha xx

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