Warning - keep inhaler close when cooking!

You have heard the saying the best laid plans etc well I had a lovely dinner planned Lamb steaks, new potatoes etc as I said on another post.

Well here is a hint -

DO NOT START THE NEW STEPHEN KING BOOK sitting in the garden when you are supposed to be cooking your Sunday dinner and do not leave your inhaler in your cardi pocket!

My smoke alarm works anyway :D and I have one saucepan less. I put my lovely new potatoes on and just clean forgot.

There I was sitting in the garden thinking, I think I am going to enjoy this book, when I heard a whinning type sound. I looked around puzzled and then realised the noise was coming from inside my house so I rushed (as much as I can) inside and there was black smoke coming from the vicinity of my cooker - yep I had completely forgotten I had put my pots on and they had boiled dry. Smoke in my eyes, breathing coming quickly and I reach for my inhaler whoops its out in the garden :( I staggered over to the cupboard got a new one a couple of puffs and burst out ................................. laughing :D I think I have previously told you I can't cook !!!!

The moral of this story is nothing really just I am the putz everyone thinks I am :D


ps the lamb steaks were a Barnsley chop as well, see I don't even know what I am cooking!!

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  • Janet, you are great. I love the way you have your ups and your downs but you ae always so nice.

    Never a nasty remark about anyone. I admire you for that so much.

    Shopping list, new saucepan, more Barnsley chops and a timer to distract from books.

    Lynne xx

  • Ah wot a shame love a barnsley chop, hope you managed to salvage some of it and had a delish sunday lunch.

    polly xx

  • Janet, I'm just incredibly impressed you have saucepans at all. :)

    I vaguely know what they are but am not quite sure how they relate to me :)

    How's the book? :D

  • Oh, I do find the smoke alarm such a help when attempting to cook .... we should swap take-away menus :)

    Currently reading a Dean Koontz book myself... interesting plot, characters ...

  • Sighs--- I am in the company of a load of nutters. Nice nutters though xxxxx

  • I tend to agree I hope no-one tells the fire brigade about this daft woman who puts all her pans on the cooker then sits reading in the garden.The name Nero springs to mind.


  • When I had my oxygen assessment they said have you got a smoke alarm at home. I said I have five and a carbon monoxide alarm. They just ticked the box. I buy my batteries wholesale lol

    Bobby xxx

  • I am hungry :(

  • What are you like? That is all I an say


  • New Steven King book? Love him whats is title and is it out in paperback plz?

    Bev xx

  • Hi Bev

    It is called Joyland and the paperback came out this last week I had pre-ordered from Amazon. I don't buy his hard back books although there are one or two authors where I can't wait for the paperback :)

  • pleased I am not the only one to have 'kitchen' disasters - hope you ok now and lesson is - buy takeaways or eat out ha ha xx

  • Wow thanks Jan am going to get it on Wednesday! xx

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