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worried sick waiting for outcome of atos and the decison maker


I am losing my mind very quickly as I am worried out of my mind as I am waiting to hear from the DWP about my claim for ESA in the support group. I am i this position now but have had to have a second test as my last one was a year ago, nothing has changed, I am still as ill as I was then, worse in fact as I now have high blood presure.

I suffer from moderate COPD, severe treatment resistant depression, GAD, OCD and social phobia. I am at present undergoing CBT with a mental health team and my therapist could tell I was worrying over something to the point of distraction, In the end I told her what I was worrying about, she told me to phone atos (as it has been 9 weeks and I have heard nothing)

I was to do this to help me to come to terms with my worry and be in control of it. Well I phoned atos and the gentleman was very nice, he said they had looked at my form and decided I met the criteria for the support group, they wrote to my GP, who has replied, and now they have sent everything to the decision maker at the DWP, they gave me thier number and I rang them, all they could say was it was being dealt with by the decision maker but they were slightly behind schedule due to some sort of industrial action.

Thing is I can't sleep, eat or concentrate on anything, this worry and stress has completely taken over my life, It's not being taken of the support group that worries me, it is the thought of having to go for interviews etc as I am too ill mentally to do this. Last year I had the same problem and I went to see my GP about it, he stated there was no way they would take me of the support group as I was too ill, but if they did to tell him and he would fight the decision all the way, well nothing has changed since last year except it was decided that antidepressants were not working for me and I was put under the care of the mental health team, as after a visit to my gp he decided I was a threat to myself and got me an emergency appointment with the mental health crisis team.

I am at my wits end and don't know what to do, I feel frightened, alone and disorientated, what can I do except maybe end it all, at least then I would not have to worry to the point that it is making me terribly ill.

thank you for listening


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Take heart from other's who have gone through this recently. You've already got some good news via ATOS, who tell you they've gone through your form and suggest you're in the support group - the decision maker should reach the same conclusion.

Wendy recently got her ESA sorted out, and went in the support group -

I was also put in the support group - - just a couple of weeks ago. I know that I have been given at least 18 months before review, and even then they may not ask me to attend an interview.

Please stop worrying so much, from what you've said you've got your GP behind you. The DWP don't seem to be aware of the stress and anguish they cause by delaying decisions, by industrial action or otherwise. I ended up contacting my MP's office and she got an answer the same day :)

Have a chat with someone on the BLF helpline when they open on Monday morning, they may be able to help you put your mind at rest.


Am In Support Group Too ... I Was A Post To Go For Assessment At Atos ... But After My Phone Call They Canceled My Appointment And Said They Don't Need To See Me .... Think They Did It Like You Have Said In Previous Post Gorden


Vangellis, we are always here to listen to your worries so that you know you are not alone. Unfortunately these days, government bodies seem totally unaware of the impact that their decisions have on real people. Don't let them win, be as calm as you can, it does seem that you will get the good news you hope for soon.

Gordon gives some excellent advice above and it sounds as though you do have terrific support from your G.P.

All the very best - breathe slowly :)


Vangellis, I know I'm not particularly helping, but worrying won't change what they say.

Save your focus for when you know the outcome.

Lynne xx


Living with anything that causes stress has such a debilitating impact on breathing; from the mundane to the immense issues in life. I feel your pain, Vangellis, and I'm sure even a blind man's guide dog could understand the depths of emotions you are currently suffering whilst waiting on this life-changing outcome. I wish you well, my friend, and hope the eventual outcome is in your favour.

Sandra x x x


For one who also suffers copd related anxiety I understand it takes very little to cause your symptoms to increase to an unbearable point. I can only empathise with what you are going though at the moment. I hope you have a good outcome with the DWP and you get the meds you need to stabilise you and bring your fears to a level where you can cope better. All my best wishes to you Vangelis. Libby PS please do pm me if you think it will help, sometimes it feels as you are so alone.


I also understand your anxieties about this, but as above, it looks promising but the delay in confirming this is causing you much stress.

I attended an ATOS assessment last October and was told I was fit for work (crazy!) - I appealed (with more evidence from Specialists) and won and moved into the support group with review for earlier this month. My condition (EAA) has deteriorated since the last assessment, and I received another questionnaire, have filled it in and now wait to see if I will be called back once more. It is very stressful this waiting game, and not knowing until your 'pay day' if they have just stopped all payments because they deem you 'fit for work'.

Sit tight, it's easy to say don't worry when you have such an anxiety issue, but I would be surprised of a negative outcome from what you have said.


Hey c'mon Vangellis you aren't alone. You have got all of us on your side. I admit we are a bit of a motley crew but we all rooting for you. I am sure the DWP's decision will be the right one for you. Anytime you feel down come back on here and we will see if we can cheer you up. I am also waiting for a decision so I know just how you are feeling. Keep that chin up.

My very best wishes



Bobby's right dear Vangellis you really are not alone. Re the ATOS stuff it really does sound like you will get a positive result, especially with all the support you are getting from your GP and mental health team. Hang in there hun just a little bit longer to go before you hear what I feel in my water will be good news!

Let us know how you go hun and come back on in the meantime if you feel you need to chat again.

Good luck

love cx


Morning Vangellis, hope you are feeling a little better today :)


Hi Everyone.

Thank you all for your supportive replies.

I still haven't heard anything and am still worried sick.

I will just have to put up with it and wait for the dreaded brown envelope to arrive





Well I plucked up the courage to phone the DWP today.

I was told the the decision maked had rulled that I stay on ESA in the support group for a further two years, at which time my case will be reviewed again.

I am certainly glad that nightmare is over, I feel very relieved but also very angry for all the stress and anguish it has caused.

I submitted my claim form on 4th April and it has taken them all this time to sort it out.

Still, at least it's over now.

best wishes



Oh what a relief, I am so pleased it's over now. Well done phoning them.

Very best wishes



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