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with my husband, one of my daughters, son in law and their youngest daughter 5 yr ol Beth. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. We were based in Osmington Mill caravan park, Weymouth. I am sure the sea air did me good. Only once did I feel quite breathless, walking up slight inclines at Monkey World. A rest, using my inhaler and continuing at a slower pace did the trick.. We visited several places, Swanage was one of our favourites. I have begun to realise that for me being relaxed and stress free certainly helps. I only missed 2 things whilst their, our own bed and reading the daily blogs on this site, think I am addicted to them.Sorry to hear some of you have not fared well in the sun and hope you soon feel better. Joyce

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Sorry about the spelling mistake - I typed their when it should have been there. Joyce

Hi Joyce glad you had a great time, its good to get away.

Have a great evening.


Thank you Blackey Ready for the land of nod - been up since 5AM Joyce

I am only bothered about my spelling, but nobody else's. As long as I get the gist of the blog. Really enjoyed hearing about your holiday, particularly as we wont be going away again. Reached that time of life. I have been to Weymouth but only to watch my grandson sailing.

I have had a holiday near Dunster further north of the region but it rained. Really think there are so many lovely places in the UK. Husband and I have been all over the place, home and abroad. I really think to drive around the UK is great but no motorways.

Yes, my bed is the best. And our friends in this forum. love Annieseedxx

Thank you annieseed I have notice my mobility is in decline but I can still enjoy being out and about. I still count my blessings I am so fortunate than a lot. xx Joyce

We love being away in our caravan - it's a tourer. It's wonderfully relaxing. I think it's the fact that you're not constantly thinking about what you 'should' be doing, which you would be at home. Many years ago I lived in a static at Lulworth.

.We had one two till about 5 years ago and we too enjoyed visiting lots of places usually booking for just a couple of nights at a time to get the most places we could visit. We only gave up when it became a chore due to advancing age. Hope you get many years more to enjoy the freedom touring gives you. Regards Joyce


So glad you had a nice time. Just having a break from our normal surroundings can work wonders. Dorset is certainly a lovely county to visit. Still, it's always nice to be home isn't it?

Love from Bobby xxx


If you can walk up to the car park in Swanage you're doing brilliantly.

That was where I wanted to live but I'm looking in the Poole area now.

Glad you had a good tme

Tina x

Thanks Tina. We managed to park along the front. I do have a 3 wheel walking aid and my husband a mobility scooter. Our son in law is very good and would drop us off near where we were going and then park the car and walk back. Hope you do find a house you want in Poole. I envy you but couldnt cope with the stress of relocating now x

Thanks Bobby yes it is nice to be home again. My daughter has already booked the same for next year, though she said she will turn off the gas before going to bed (joke) to stop me boiling a gammon joint on the stove as I did the day after we arrived. It was 4.30am and the pan lid rattling kept them awake for 3 hours. I didnt hear it but will not be allowed to forget it. Joyce

I'm the lucky one who already lives in beautiful Dorset and I love it when people like the county enough to want to visit. The fact that you relaxed enough to be able to breathe easier is just wonderful. :)

Thanks Scrobbitty. Loved all the thatched cottages, seeing wild rabbits running in the fields, visiting a local farm for yummy ice creams. visiting West Bay where Broadchurch was filmed, watching the delight on my grandaughters face paddling in the pool and managing to sit down whenever I need to. Everywhere we went there were always benches to sit on even though they were plenty of people around. Joyce x

No I didnt go as I was on holiday but will be there next time. Sorry to hear about your friend, hope you are keeping well x Joyce (havnt heard from Richard)

Although John is only half way through learning how to cope with COPD having lectures at Wareham hospital, we are both seeing a future we couldn't imagine before we started this course. All the above comments made me realise how glad I was that in our 70's we moved down here to Dorset and found ourselves a bungalow in Upton, on the outskirts of Poole.- before that we lived with a main railway line at the bottom of our garden plus the M1 motorway. Don't suppose 47 years of breathing London air into our lungs did any good. But yes it is a lovely county here people actually wish you good morning and smile. Wish I could parcel it up and send it to all you lovely people who have persuaded us that there is life with lung disease. Thank you from the bottom of my heart x

What lovely comments worried-wife. It is good to hear that this site helps as it does for me. Lat week whilst away I needed to use my inhaler before walking up sloping paths. I sat down and asked my family to walk on and I would catch them up but they insisted on waiting for me so I had to use it in front of them for the first time and saw the anxious look on their faces. I tried to reassure them that I was fine but they really dont want to talk about COPD .I prefer to face it head on and know that if I have a bad day the people on here will help me out. Dan Fogle is in an 8 part series exploring the Dorset Coast on ITV 8pm Friday starting at Poole and I am really looking forward to watching it. Regards Joyce x

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