Just back from annual review and have mixed feelings. My FEV1 was 34% which suprisingly was slightly better than last year which was a pleasant surprise but the other 2 readings they took FVC and something else were slightly worse so I was told there was little overall change and still categorised as severe, I was somewhat puzzled by a comment from the respiratory nurse who said that as well as obstructive lung problems, they had now detected an element of restrictive lung problems. I didn't fully understand her explanation as it was a bit wishy-washy - ie could only be determined by further exploratory tests. Does anyone have any idea what is meant by this?


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  • I can't help I'm afraid. Someone else might be able to, but I would suggest that you phone the nurses on the BLF helpline when they are back on Monday. They are very helpful and can advise you.

    The number is 03000 030 555

    Lynne xx

  • Thanks for this. Will do this if no-one can help me in the meantime

  • Try here for an explanation - though it will need clarifying by a doctor. webmd.com/lung/obstructive-...

  • Thanks for your answer. A little bit of extra knowledge is always useful

  • It sounds like I'm too fat, but that's not rocket science, I could have told them that. Still a very useful and informative answer. Thanks Toci.

  • Sounds like a few sessions with a respiratory nurse are called for, to help coach you in breathing fully out before in again. Something is telling your brain that you've finished breathing out when you haven't. It may be cured by breathing exercise or technique, but it may not.

    I had something similar, mainly when talking. Because I'd spent years DJ-ing, I was used to getting-it-all-out-in-one-go-before-taking-a-breath and this caused me problems with my COPD as I was not clearing the stale air out before breathing to good stuff back in.

    The respiratory nurse got me to slow down, take a breath now and again ;) and control my breathing better, even breathing in deeper than I had been. This was a boon when I was SOB, I learned to sit and breath steadily, rather than panic and pant.

    The nurses on the BLF helpline may be able to explain more.

  • Thanks pal. It seems I'm too fat! But that's no surprise. Better cut down on the food because I don't drink enough as you know. Talking of which, my mates are gathering for the next mini beer fest at our favourite hostelry the famous Coopers Tavern in Cross St, which is approx 300metres from Burton railway station - we're hoping to visit on Sat Aug 3rd as there's a band on that night. Hope you're keeping as well as you can.

  • Obstructive means copd and restrictive means elements of astma i have same a dual diagnosis hope this helps kujude x

  • Thanks for your reply. I understand what you're saying but don't know why they've only just detected the restrictive element as I've had asthma since childhood.

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