Sitting here at the computer watching wifey decorate the bathroom. I should be doing that! I get so b****y frustrated at this awful disease. There is nothing worse than watching your wife struggling to do a job that you should be doing.

Sorry folks, I just needed to vent my frustration at something and the computer is handy.

I will feel better soon.

Love to all strugglers

Bobby xxx

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  • She's only doing it because you put the pattern on upside down last time, Bobby :)

    Vent away dear one - I have broad shoulders despite skinny frame :)

  • I wouldn't mind but she keeps stopping to eat (the c word) and she isn't offering me any. lol

    Bobby xxxx

    PS I managed to paint it last time in Oyster White. Shows how much I have gone down hill. sob

  • Hahahaha - quit the moaning man - smile at your lovely wifey and tell her we understand absolutely :D :D

  • I can't, she has gone to make the tea he he he.

    Bobby xxxx

  • Don't be sorry, I feel just the same, except there is no one else but me to do it.

    I loved DIY. It was kinda forced on my when my X left me some 20 odd years ago.

    Bringing up my daughter on my own I had to do everything, could not afford to get

    anyone in. From decorating, putting up shelves, even replacing my larch lap fence.

    Now I just watch my home deteriorating around me. The garden is a mess, and some

    of my house is beginning to look weary.

    Hmm and chance of sharing you wife? lol

  • Hi Is4bell4,

    I am on my own as well but I receive DLA to help with the likes of cost of decorating and gardening, have you applied might be worth your while, just a thought.

    Liz x

  • I also get DVLA but some of these guys charge £350 per day.

    And that is less the cost of any parts.

    grumbles, I never earned that much a day.


    xx Ros xx

  • Ros, get in touch with AgeUk they will know of organizations that can help at reasonable cost Keep smiling

    Carole x

  • Thanks for that Carole, I have already seen appropriate orgs. and they have helped me. They then sent a letter to tell me

    they have done all that they can.

    xx Ros xx

    See you on Scrabble and you are beating me :0(

    Need to get my boxing gloves on. lol

  • how are u keeping good i hope any word on ur op

  • age u,k have a gardening service not to priceyeither caroles right get in touch with them

  • I thought this was available to only those in council homes?

    Ok, many thanks for that both Carole and Caroll lol . .

    xx Ros xx

  • no its available to all

  • That's brilliant, thank you. I will try and find the link and follow it up.

    I hope the new benefit trust does not happen to any of us.

    xx Ros xx

  • whats the newbenefit trust

  • Soz, I meant the changes and cutbacks on benefit to thousands of ppl on disability allowance. Changed as from today.

    xx Ros xx

  • ohrite so how many mps are avin there allowances cut joke

  • My hubby was a painter and decorator .... I miss him sooo much now. I used to pick the paint, pick the paper, and then pick his wallet, and have a lovely day out - and return home to a newly decorated room ..... Oh, how I miss him ....

  • Oh Sandra I'll bet he loved you to bits, all those lovely memories, don't be sad, think of some of those quiet little moments, a shared smile, you had the joy and the magic not everyone has that :-)

    Chris xx

  • Oh, Chris, I had a fantastic loving, trusting relationship, and I do miss him, truly. But my comments above were in jest - ish..... he did all household repairs, refurbishments etc., and I'm clueless on where to start .... And it is true, I'd leave him to it to decorate,go out for the day, then walk in to a newly decorated room .... just didn't realise how well off I was .... oops

    Sandra x x x

  • That's my type of man.


  • And he never minded me "borrowing" from his wallet either ... a real gem he was :)

    Sandra x x x

  • Bobby thank your lucky stars you have a wifey to do it for you I have to pay a man who can or can't is more like it :( After my husband died I got used to doing a lot of things myself and I get really peed off that I can't anymore and unfortunately workmen see me struggling and think "Oh we can con her" Bloody fools my lungs may be shot but my brain ain't :x

  • It certainly hasn't Jan. Sharp as a razor.

    Bobby xxxx

  • How true!

    Liz x

  • I just asked wifey and apparently my parents were married lol

    Bobby xxx

  • :D :D

  • I get very sad when I see Dennis working in the garden, it was my garden and I spent hours in it I loved gardening. I don't get sad when I see him slaving over a hot oven, he can have the cooker with my compliments, and the vacuum hoover. I do miss putting washing on the line, especially on a day like today. Still grotty lungs are grotty lungs and that's all there is to it.

    Lib x

  • Don't mention vacuum cleaners Lib. I can no longer push our Hoover around (I like to do what I can) so we have been looking at much lighter stick vacuums. You think you have found the right one and then you read the reviews and it's no good. It's a minefield.

    Bobby xxxx

  • Vax upright light - good deal on at Sainsbugs - I can manage that one, just choose not to sometimes :)

  • idle arse


  • Yes :) Merely conversing oxygen for better and more pleasurable activities :)

  • *conserving Scrobbs, conserving !

  • I have just purchase an AEG cordless vacuum It has great suction and lightweight. Now waiting to get the energy together to use it. lol


    xx Ros xx

  • Thanks Ros, I will look that one up.


  • This is one on ebay, saying seller refurbished, but brand new. Returns due to teething fault but then manufacturer has fixed it. So a really good buy for the money.

    Also gets the cat and dog fur up. So well chuffed.

    xx Ros xx

  • Haven't got a dog or cat but got a very hairy step son.

    Bobby xxxx

  • Hi Is4bell4,

    Very interested to hear about your vacuum cleaner was looking online but you're never sure just how lightweight they are but I'll be guided by you thanks.

    Liz x

  • My current slave (semi-surly teenage son) is being underworked at the moment, I must remedy this immediately ............ I know, coffee!!!!

  • Seriously I do understand how you feel, this was my Dads biggest frustration, before he passed away to COPD last year, he used to hate watching his partner do all the gardening, which had always been his job and when my son used to visit he asked him to do DIY jobs for him it used to upset him as he hated asking him to do jobs while he was spending time with him, but the thing is my son never minded he was just happy Grandad was still alive and could spend time with him, we could never get that across to him though.Please dont get frustrated it takes up too much oxygen and you need all you can get, just be glad you can spend time together, and make sure wifey knows you apreciate it a bunch of flowers or a big box of choccies will do hehehe. If she were in your shoes she knows you would do the same for her I bet. Take it easy easy, dont be too hard on yourself, it not as if you asked to be ill now is it ? Love Julie xx

  • So well observed and so well said. I love the way it makes me feel when I hear a warm heart talking thanks Julie

  • I know Julie. But when you have spent your whole life as a doer it comes hard to sit and watch. Flowers sound good so I will see if Sainsburys have got some reduced on Monday. I daren't get choccies in the house 'cos Scrobbity might hear about it. lol

    Love from Bobby xxxx

  • and here she is .......................... I 'eard that Bobby :)

    oh and a rather brilliant suggestion, I feel, get lovely wifey on here in her official capacity of Bobby Minder .............. think of the very interesting conversations we could all have ...................... ;)

  • Nah! She knows too much about me he he he

  • I solved my decorating frustration (I usually did the wallpapering, hubby the painting) by having an absolutely marvellous friend. I chose what I wanted earlier this year and went on my holidays and she decorated my living room, dining room, hall, staircase and landing whilst I was away. I love her to bits!

  • Hi Toci

    If your friend is about 25 and blonde tell her to give me a call.

    Bobby xxx

  • She is nearer 55 - and grey. Oh, and she is also gay. Still interested?

  • Toci

    Never mind the minor points - what's her decorating like? lol

    Bobby xxx

  • Absolutely fantastic. Best it has ever been done. That is why I love her. x

  • Our council have a handyman service for small repairs and maintenance jobs within people's own homes and gardens to help prevent accidents and maintain safety and independence. You can apply for this service free of charge, although you must pay for materials. Age UK also offer a garden service, if you've nobody to do it for you. Worth mentioning for those without the live-in version, another of those invaluable 'wifey' models ;)

  • I might have a ring round on Monday Gordon. We paid to have the sitting room stripped and repapered and painted in December by Rated People and that was £600. They did a lovely job but I can't afford too many hits like that a year.


  • No, not supermarket flowers, absolutely no, not for a paper hanging job. M & S do very nice arrangements delivered only cost you around a fiver. Get on their website now.

    Lib x

  • Yes dear


  • Don't Yes Dear me, get on that website.

  • I'm doing it now! nag, nag,nag

    Bobby xxxx

  • Chuffin' 'eck Lib. Just been on to the M & S website and there is nothing under £25. Do you think I'm a pickin' millionaire?

    Bobby xxxx

  • Of course there's nothing under £25, we're not talking Sainsbury's £2 off last weeks flowers job, just get on with it.

    Lib x

  • Yes maam. See below


  • I have just struck a deal with wifey. Having got used to being a lady that lunches during the school holidays she is now going to be a lady that teas. Got six workmates, oops sorry, colleagues coming to tea next week. I have offered to do the tea and scoffs. Pretty big of me eh'.

    Bobby xxx

  • Damn near impressive I should say. Award yourself a brownie point immediately. Two if don't mess up on the tea and scoffs. x

  • Hubby just gone out to meet his girlfriend. So I can now empty the washer and he won't see me struggle.

    I feel your frustration. My dog is a year old now and apart from the holiday I've not walkrd her.

    Chin up

    Love Tina x :)

  • My husband feels just the same! I know that is little consolation but at least you know you are not the only ! ! Don't be frustrated make the cups of tea! Be glad you have her she must love you! Take care tad x x.

  • Nah, she loves me pension more he he he

    Bobby xxx

  • My husband feels just the same! I know that is little consolation but at least you know you are not the only ! ! Don't be frustrated make the cups of tea! Be glad you have her she must love you! Take care tad x x.

  • No she doesn't bobby she obviously loves you a hell of a lot. You must be a pretty special kind of guy to have someone love you like that. Make her great cups of tea and - dare I say it? Give her CHOCOLATE.... :)

    Bev xx

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