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I feel better Why?

Everyone else seems to feel worse in the hot weather, but it seems to suite me.

I have Bronchiectasis and COPD (NO Asma) I am finding in this weather I can get out and walk and breath in big breaths of lovely sea air (we live near a beach) This is really helping and I am not having to use a reliever at all (still use Symbicort and Nasal steroid) is it just me? or is it that others have Asma or hayfever?

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We are all different and for me the cold affects me more than heat.

I think the sea air might help you too. I do have hay fever and copd (emphysema).

Lynne xx


Hi, I too love this weather. I always breathe easier and feel much better. I have COPD so maybe it is hayfever that makes things worse for others. Give me hot, sunny weather anyday. It's the cold and damp that causes me problems.


I always breathe better in the cold weather (Is the air denser?) but this temperature and air quality is just nice for me.



Warmer temperatures are better for me up to around 24C but anything above that when the weather gets very hot I am just as bad as in cold weather. Of course air quality plays a tremendous part, high pollen counts, dust, traffic pollution etc all make things more difficult.

Glad you are enjoying the weather, wonderful to be able to walk along the beach.

Enjoy your day and weekend.


i don't find much difference with my breathing whether it's hot, cold or just right. I do get good days and no so good days but can't actually associate it with the weather.

Lib x


I need Goldilocks weather :-) :-) :-) Alison


Pete is not good in hot or cold weather so the Autumn is not too bad I suppose. He was wheezy yesterday because it was warm and windy so did not suit him. We can't stay in all the time though and just get on with it generally but try and take care too of course. xxxx :)


No,it's not just you. I feel better too and I have asthma, get chronic bronchitis and I dont know what yet (no diagnosis). I enjoy the heat and have been fighting off a bug for weeks now. Any other time my lungs would have succumbed.

Luck of the draw I guess. P


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