Bad days bad weather

I Always thought that sunshine was going to be good for

us with copd. . All i have done is reach for my

blue pump as i have found it hard to breath .

I do not have a chest infection as my muckcces is clear

Twice my wife had. To come out and see to me your

plus my youngest son had to watch me yesterday

and my oldest son today .it feels like i am less than

half a man as it feels like i can not do much any more

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  • Hi David the sunshine is good but the heat is not so good

    Take a look at this link it explains more about the effect the weather has on us with copd

    I hope it helps

    Ann x

  • That is good


  • I know how you're feeling - surrounded by all this lovely oxygen but unable to get any into your lungs .... :( Extremes in cold and heat are really difficult for me to breath. However, I've found the use of a fan really helps.

    You're lucky you have family around you. Me, I'm on my own, so there's nothing for it, but to get on with it. Do what you can, when you can, and when you're down, come on here and mump .... we've got ears, we'll listen.

    Take care David12

    Sandra x x x

  • I can sympathise although I am worse with the cold than the heat myself. Where possible I try to avoid being in the sun during the hottest parts of the day and if sitting out, I stay in the shade. I hope it picks up for you.

    Lynne xx

  • I agree with nowheeze we have a fan in nearly every room, we have them blowing gently and they help greatly when breathing is difficult.

    Try it, nothing to loose.

    polly xx

  • They do help, polly, don't they. I've even got the wee hand held battery operated ones too, and they help when I'm outside :)

  • Were i sit out side is about 80% in the shade

    my main problem is when i start to cough or even

    if i try and do something when sitting

  • Hello David, sorry you are feeling rotton and fed up with it all, the air quality can effect you and pollen and heat but most of all anxiety. if I get anxious about anything I can't get a decent breath in but I've been learning how to 'make' myself calmer and relaxed so I can get more air in, first drop your shoulders ( we tend to lift them when struggling and tense ) breath in and try to get some air in to the tum and then up higher so you feel your chest lift then relax and let the breath out slowly through pursed lips...your thoughts on anything that makes you feel nice like your favourite places or people.... try sipping warm lemon and honey for your cough,hope this helps, sending a big hug and hope you feel a bit better soon,huff xxxx

  • Thanks hufferpuffer i do have a lot on my mind as well .

    Will try the honey and lemon

  • I was staying in my son's last week the back of his house is south facing it's like living in a green house. He has so much glass two lots of patio doors and roof windows there were days when I just couldn't breath. I thought I was coming down with a chest infection but since I've come home to my own north facing house my breathing has improved no end. So yes I'd say the heat does affect my breathing I wouldn't have thought if could have such a bad effect on me if I hadn't had the experience last week.

  • As a 'newcomer' to my husband having COPD we are learning......and yes, all of the above makes sense. He has been coughing more yesterday than before and it was a glorious, sunny, HOT day. We will get the fan down from the loft and not sit in our beautiful warm conservatory without the blinds down. Thanks to all you 'old' hands once more xx

  • remember the hand held fans too... i have a few dotted around including in the car ... just a few moments of this and it really helps - about 6 inches away from the face. Also a splash of cold water makes the body not need as much oxygen - just make sure it's not too cold or it can make it worse.

  • great advice juliekay, I do this also and find it is a great relief on very hot days.

  • Hope you are feeling better soon david12, air pollution, pollen, heat all can affect the airways, have a chat with your doctor about your current symptoms to get some advice, ask if it would be ok for you to take anti histamine with your existing medication etc.

  • hi David i check the humidity when it looks warm outside a high humidity and i`m always going to struggle to breathe i only have 25 % lung capacity so i have to be careful cos i can`t move around much even in the house in the shade so i`m always careful going out .last thursday when i got up from bed i was heaving badly and when i checked the humidity on my computer it was 94% and later about an hour it had dropped to 89 and then further as the day went on and i could tell cos my breathing got better ..days when the humidity starts off low its not too bad trying to breathe but everyone is different i suppose ..also when i left hospital after 66 days with my copd they told me to take 2 paracetamol 4 times a day to keep my body temp down and i`m sure it works when i was in hospital every morning my temp was above 38 c. so i had to take paracetamol to keep it down .. hope that helps..Bob

    never give up..

  • How do you find humidity there a good website? Thanks.julie

  • put in your address or post code and then it will show you the humidity in your area Bob

    never give up..

  • what do you feel is a good level of humidity for your comfort - am confused as today its supposed to be over 6o% ? thanks, Julie

  • i read some time ago that 50% was good but you would no by experience what levels are good enough for you the moment its 83% here in Newcastle on Tyne. and i`m struggling more that usual .i think the temperature has a lot to do with it as well cos if its cold i can`t go out so i play it by ear as it were Bob

    never give up ..

  • thanks, Bob... somewhat clearer now. apparently the hotter the temperature the more water it can hold...humidity level of high stops us from sweating so it feels a lot hotter than it is so we can suffer more. that is the initial low level understanding of mine - will try to saturate the brain with helpful info on this now :) x Julie

  • I think you must have read the same info as me lol Bob

    never give up ..

  • HI I know how u feel but u r so lucky to have people around u that can help, i hope u feel better soon

    weather has been good but in suffolk today has been windy chilly and dull but all i can say i hope it brightens up tomorrow i need to get some energy from somewhere sun rays they say it does u good. Take it easy 1 step at time dont over do it Other people donjt understand because they r not going through it. Take care wish i had someone to help me, try and look forward to a better day tomorrow yvonne

  • Hope you feel better soon - Joyce

  • - I'me sure AIR QUALITY has much MORE to do with our problems breathing,rather than hot, or cold , in my experience , whenever I return to Sicily or main land Italy, my breathing quality goes up at least 80%, - and I hardly use my inhalers - immediately I get off the plane at Heathrow, or wherever, BACK in England, and I'me back to some damned serious PUFFING ! good luck David 12.

  • I now i am luck to have my family around me

    but they take caring to far as if they see me doing

    something and see me huffing or they see i am

    slow they stop me and take over and they stop

    me from doing anything .it feels like if you can't

    do anything and i get very upset with it .

    I know they care but i feel like a little boy when they stop me .

    Never mind thank you all for the help and support hope you all

    have a good day .

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