Chirpy,chirpy cheep.cheep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...........................................Chirpy chirpy cheep cheep

When I retired to bed on Thursday night after listening(yes I do hear them) to your blogs,

I decided that I was going to treat myself to a lazy day .Unfortunately I arose at the unearthly hour of 9.15 am,yes 9.15 am,However I decided to keep my promise to myself and after a cuppa and a slice of toast I ventured in to the garden and sat down with Badger by my side in the glorious sunshine.

Being a creature of habit I always have to be doing something and so I decided to watch the cherries ripen on the tree(yes they grow on trees,not in the supermarket).

This I decided was quite strenuous and so I got the wife to turn the sunlounger around for me

so that I could watch the bird famillies.

First of all I spot Mr& Mrs Robin Bird normally it would only be Mr Robin Bird but I assume he was allowing her a treat in the morning sunshine.They were still around when Woody Pigeon ,with his big body,short legs,small head and pointed wings descends on to the dead pear tree next door.He gives out a song and is then joined by the rest of the Woody familly who promply descend on to the feeding station on our lawn,After some neck biting,feather pulling and much squauking they settle down to dine.The parent Woody's then gave the young master Woody a lesson on how to feed himself.This was all very fascinating.I could see Badger asleep dreaming about pigeon pie!

All of a sudden down dive the Ferrell's(pigeons) scattering the Woody familly in all directions.

The Ferrell familly devour almost all of what was in the bird feeder before scarpering

Next the Great Tittilators descend in there numbers to peck up all the bird seeds that the Woody's and Ferrell's have scattered amongst the grass from the bird feeders.The Tittilators are a picture in their own right with beautiful bluey/yellow colourings.

Then guess who arrives,'the ole cock Sparrers',They go straight for the sunflower seeds ,they are not greedy birds,just help themselves to what they want and go and have a rest in the bushes.

Naughty Maggie Pie arrives but today she decides not to hang around and off she goes.

It is now half past midday and time to go up the road to look after our nephew and nieces British Bulldogs,Pearl and Ernie,both real characters.for an hour or so.It is so hot they just want to lie in the shade under a big apple tree the garden and so do I.

Back home me and my mate Badger return out into the garden to watch some more birds(no,no feathered),

Little Jenny Wren keeps popping in and out of the flora and fauna to grab a bight to eat,

Baby Woody appears to be asleep on the corner of the lawn.

All of a sudden is brightly coloured Chaf Finch strolling beside us on the terrace with not a care in the world.

Then there arrives Mr & Mrs (I'll 'ave ee)Blackbird.They always go straight for the fat balls,have a look for some worms,do a bit of sunbathing and then go back home to the trees in a neighbours garden

Whilst all this has been going on the bees have been buzzing ,butterflies flaping there graceful wings,LadyBird kept coming to me and the ants have been getting where ants get to.

It is my world and God bless them it is their world too.



Have a lazy day,go to Breathe Easy,you'll enjoy it.

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  • You summed up Britain a treat there Richard. I felt every minute of it. Well done.


  • It is not very often I get the chance to do nothing.I think we should all take a bit of time out and we would appreciate mother nature a lot more.

  • Sorry, King, just couldn't believe how amusing and good to read, this blog was. A video thrown in would have been perfect, especially you on your lounger and waiting attendant, the wife!

  • Isn't it nice to be able to do nothing once in a while.It is a long time since I had a nothing day through choice,As for the video,I would need a steady handfirst.


  • You paint a beautiful picture Richard.

  • It is lovely to be involved in that picture

  • Sounds as if you had a positively idyllic day :)

    Agree with Annie, a video and some nice relaxing music would have just rounded it off nicely

  • Maybe another time

  • That was a lovely read, sounds like a very peaceful day xx

  • Honestly,it has been the best restful day that I have had for a very long time.

  • That is good to hear. :) X

  • Just beautiful, I have been watching Mr and Mrs blackbird going in and out of our hedge all day Its so very relaxing Julie xx x xx

  • They are fun to watch when they are playing!

  • Oh wonderful. I love watching the wildlife in our garden too, it's beautiful, cute, amazing and fun all in one.

    Thanks for such a descriptive blog :-)

    koala x

  • I am glad you enjoyed a peaceful day with me

  • What a beautiful day you have had and thank you for sharing



  • As I say ,the best I have had in many a long time.

  • You've got ... BEES ... very impressive! We are still noticing a distinct lack of butterflies, insects and garden birds. To be fair we have resident magpies this year who chased everything off including pigeons. Most years we are inundated with long tailed tits but none this year are nesting. We have seen magpies chasing off buzzards and they intimidate our cat! Thank you for painting a lovely picture. :-)

  • And I have now got a bee house for single bees.The ones that don't produce honey

  • Thanks KOTC, after second reading lay back and was there :-)


  • Come and join us,come and join us.

  • Hello KOTC, I loved hearing of your relaxing day in the garden,if you had come into my garden you would have found this ole bird snoozing on the swing! it was so nice I just might do it again today, hope you have a great weekend, huff xxxx

  • Don't you just love being a lazy lady!

  • I did enjoy reading that. I love watching the wild live but I don't know the names for a the birds I must get a bird book I just never had time for things like that in the past. Thanks for that lovely blog.

  • Missus teaches me the names

  • She must have great patience :)

  • Saint Patricia

  • That was lovely. The pictures it painted in my head were perfect.

    Love Tina x :)

  • Do you want some paint remover

  • You mean its not waterbased?

    Possibly need the firr brigade.

    Love Tina x :)

  • It is going to stick in your mind

  • I was looking at my garden and bemoaning the dandelions when down flew two little goldfinches, beautiful little things with red heads and a flash of yellow under their wings when they fly off, and proceeded to eat the seeds from the dandelion heads, so there they are staying, a good excuse for not weeding too thoroughly. I have greenfinches, bullfinches and chaffinches in the garden but have never seen them eating them, perhaps they are too heavy as they are quite a bit bigger than the goldfinches. Keep smiling.

    Carole x

  • This is the first year that I have let the dandelions grow and as you say the birds love them

  • That was lovely, thank you - almost felt I was there with you - really miss a garden xx

  • Close4 your eyes and dream I was by yourside

  • thank you

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