I went to London today for the Fire Lawyers network- don't I live an exciting life! Got the train from Hitchin allowing plenty of time. Got a seat on the train, changed to the tube at Finsbury Park, lots of stairs to walk down. Got on the tube and got offered a seat which was probably because I was breathing so hard. Got off at Victoria and bought my lunch. We save public money by taking our own refreshments! Walked miles trying to find the taxi rank at Victoria and arrived at the meeting. Survived it tho I know I nodded off at one stage. Shared a taxi back to Kings Cross St Pancras. Did the usual 9 minute crawl to the platform. Came home lay down an woke up 2 hours later when my husband came in. Absolutely shattered.

Going again tomorrow to the Royal Academy summer exhibition but will drive in to Euston. Walking round looking at the art with a glass of Pimms or champagne will be fine. I can always sit down to contemplate this years art!


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  • You did great! I am full of admiration.

    Lynne xx

  • I am deeply envious, alanjudy. I loved, and still do, London, ever since the 1950s. I just cant contemplate it now but I have such good memories. A vibrant and exciting city. Well done!

    annieseed x

  • Woah, fantastic. Well done! Haven't been to Hitchin for many, many years. Was the station ever upgraded? Keep up the visits. We can live vicariously through your exploits. :-) Alison

  • No the station has not been upgraded. Got good blue badge parking which is why I go there.

  • I used to change at Hitchin on my trips from Royston up to Bradford about every 4 weeks. That was in the days (early 70s) of the slam-door carriages and the mainline services were hauled by Deltics, Now you have to go to Peterborough or down to Stevenage or even Kings Cross to change for services heading north :(

    I had to wait at Hitchin for almost an hour once, due to a breakdown further down the line. Didn't know where to go to get a drink or anything, so stayed on the platform and watched the world, and trains, go by. The train I caught then had a fault in one carriage, the lights didn't work so we all got moved into other seats.

  • That sounds very familiar. The station was a long way from the shops. There was a pub not too far. A bunch of us used to go to a folk club there. Some really good acts. Those were the days when Jasper Carrot was on the folk circuit. I wonder what ever happened to him :-) :-) :-) I was born and raised ina very small village a few miles from Hitchin. One of my brothers did his apprenticeship at ICL in Letchworth. Oooo .. what a long time ago...

  • Ooooh I envy you your tomorrow. If I could jut instantly transport here to there.

    Have a great day,


  • Wouldn't swap today with you but if you fancy it you can come and play with my cats tomorrow while I take your place at the Royal Academy must be about 25 years ago I made my one and only visit where Pimms and/or Champagne was available. :) I think I stole the ticket then as well ;)

    Very well done for today and just maybe it was manners that got you that seat there are still a few about who know what they are.




  • That's great Judith well done, and have a great day tomorrow too.


  • There is a genteel lady with class, loves a glass of Champagne in her hand,does not go on about the supposed delights stuffing chocolate all day long!

    You are a rare breed Judith.Well done.Up with the aristocrasy!


  • Thank you do much. I'll buy some bottles of champagne to share with you all tomorrow evening. Not too much don't want to upset all our medication!

  • Hello alanjudy, my daughter lives in Letchworth Garden City and I often go there, was there last in April. It always seems to me that you go straight out of Hitchin into Letchworth with no in between.

  • I live in Letchworth but usually get the train from Hitchin. Next time you are coming let me know.


  • Hi Judith, I was born and bred in Kimpton. We used to shop in Luton. 3 of my brothers went to Hitchin Boys Grammar school and my sister went to the girls school. For a couple of years I worked in Hitch in. Lots of memories ... :-) Alison

  • I will, Carole x

  • No champagne for you just a jug of Pimms! Enjoy.


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