Bobby in proper clothes

Today is the youngest's 19th birthday, so we are off out for dinner. Nowhere special just the local hostelry. But this does cause me a problem or two. Like many on here my usual dress mode is dead casual. Silky trackie bottoms and a polo shirt, white trainer socks and Inter squash shoes. All designed for comfort.

So I have been going through the wardrobe. (Wifey has the 5' multi sectioned one and I get the 2'6" one.) I have decided on grey worsted trousers, a lilac shirt and a lilac lambswool sweater. (I am macho enough to carry lilac quite well). All this teamed with black socks and Clark's black shoes. I shall accessorize with my new slimline Rotary watch. (Chrissy present). How does that all sound?

It should be a good night, but guess who has got to pick up the bill? Any donations will be gratefully received.

Love to all

Bobby xxx

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  • Have a great evening! Attire sounds very macho! and quite suitable. Of course you are picking up the bill - why do you think you were invited??? TAD xx

  • Sounds good ! Enjoy x

  • I never thought of that Tadaw. Cor, some people 'eh, taking advantage of a poor little old man. lol

    Bobby xxx

  • Outfit sounds very fitting for the evening. Hope you all have a great night xx

  • Thank you Chell


  • Have a great night phil


  • Bobby - pull yourself together Chris

  • I'm trying lol


  • Sounds as though you will look very handsome. Try this for size ...

  • I like that Toci. Cheers mate


  • Have a wonderful evening Bobby and Happy Birthday to your baby :) The outfit sounds perfect

    Ann x

  • Thanks Ann. Baby is 14st and 6'. lol

    Bobby xxx

  • Have a great time Bobby, I love a man in pastels, so many won't wear them for fear of being thought cissy. Quite the contrary, it takes a real man to wear them. I really embarrassed my son a couple of years ago, he and his then g/f were going for a lunchtime meal and he asked me if I wanted to come with them. Yes, I said. Came to pay and he was expecting me to pay for it all! I couldn't believe it. I'd only had a main course, they'd had the works. I refused point blank, he didn't have any money so she had to use her card and I gave her the cash for mine. She probably thought I was a right old mean so and so (didn't like her anyway so who cares). If I ask someone for a meal I'm quite happy to pay, if I'm just a tagalong then no way.

  • Ah the poor lad. He is in his 3rd year as a motor engineer apprentice. Gets the grand sum of £75 a week and spends £15 of it on bus fares. I suppose I can splash out this time. He's got to mow the lawn though. I'm no fool.

    Love from Bobby xxx

  • I am sure you will look great have a wonderful time

  • Thanks Decor. I can't remember the last time I went out for dinner.


  • I'm sure you will look very handsome. The only thing wrong with real clothes is the waistband won't expand. Do you need some elastic?


    Tina x :)

  • ha ha you know me too well. My waistline goes up and down according to how much water I am carrying, hence the trackie bottoms. Same with the squash boots, they expand as required.

    Love from Bobby xxx

  • Lilac shirt and lilac lambswool sweater, can see it now, wow Bobby you're gonna steal the show.Have a good time. Don't forget your wallet.

    Lib x

  • I'm gonna knock 'em dead. lol

    Bobby xxx

  • Oh Bobby that sounds proper Dapper! Have a lovely night and Birthday greetings to your youngest. :) :)

    Anna x

  • Thank you fair lady xxxxx

  • Hmmmmmmmm.

    Photographic evidence please. Thank you. :D :D

  • ok See what I can do later xxxx

  • Sounds real cool, enjoy. :)

  • Well we left at 5:30 and at 9pm we are home. We had a great evening but it started off disastrously. I put on the grey trousers and they don't fit anymore. Ditto with the lilac shirt. So with wifey shouting "hurry up" I go to plan B. I have a brand new pair of silky blue trackie bottoms and on they go. The black shoes and socks are off and on go some white socks and a new pair of white trainers. I finish it all off with an apple green polo shirt. Proper jack-the-lad I looked. The meal was excellent and I finished it off with treacle sponge and custard.

    But I really must get back on that diet. Think I will give all my chocolate to Scrobbity.

    Love to all

    Bobby xxxx

  • So glad to hear you enjoyed your meal out ..... even in the alternate ensemble..... Oh, are you looking for brownie points.... Scrobbitty will be pleased to lighten your burden of chocolates....

  • I've got tuppence to lend !

  • And tuppence to spend

    And tuppence to take home to my wife............

  • Bobby I think you had better get on that diet. Remember desserts are a sin. 11th commandment. :)

  • I know. But that nice soft sponge smothered in treacle and bucket loads of custard. What can I say? I scoffed the lot. I'll start the diet on Monday.

    Love from Bobby xxxx

  • ok we will all come to see you way in. :)

  • Your get up sounds dapper to me - hope you all had a good night x

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