I'm a reject

Well, as expected, I got a letter from the DWP rejecting my claim for the care component of DLA. They said that they were rejecting it on the same grounds that they did eight years ago. Now that is a neat trick, considering that I never applied for it eight years ago.

I phoned the local Welfare Rights who are representing me and they said they had already picked that up and a missive is already winging its way to the DWP.

So it's back to the waiting game. Good luck to those of you going through the same process.

Love to all

Bobby xxx

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  • Sorry it has been rejected but hopefully it will work out xx

  • I was only awarded lower care rate last year Bobby, 20% lung function. I'd love to know how you can pay someone to come in 3 or 4 times a week to help with care for £20 a week. Shouldn't complain though, at least it pays for a cleaner (although you aren't actually awarded anything for cleaning, you can live in squalor for all they care). I keep thinking about applying again but am put off when they say you do realise the rate you've already been awarded can be taken away. Last but one day in hosp managed 10 metres very slowly with sats dropping pretty low (still not eligible for oxygen though), and of course walking 10 metres in a hosp surrounded by help if something goes wrong is a bit different to doing it on your own. I really should bite the bullet. Good luck with your appeal. Libby

  • You are worse than me Libby. My last Fev1 was 30%. Sats usually 92/93 at rest dropping to 83/84 if I move. Supposed to use 2 Litres per minute of oxygen if I do anything like moving about. Suicide is rapidly becoming a viable option. lol

    Love from Bobby xxx

  • So sorry to hear the bad news good luck with your appeal.Its just so wrong you should not be put through this and the fact they cannot get their facts correct leaves us with little faith in these people. Wheres the compassion gone these days with these places, They just do not seem to care about people anymore, Anyway keep on fighting and the very best of british, and all that Love julie x

  • We shall fight them on the beaches, we shall fight them in the fields etc. Winston S Churchill.

  • Best of luck with the appeal.

    My laptop wanted to say Best of Muck with the appeal LOL. Not my bad ypting, whoops I mean typing of course haha.

    You could throw the muck in DWP's face(s) though, maybe that's what the laptop had in mind.

    Seriously, I do hope they correct their error and you get the care component you need.

    koala x

  • All this came about after a meeting with my sister at a family do. Her hubby - lovely man - is registered blind although partially sighted would be a better description. She was telling me what him and her claim. I thought, I don't get any of that. So I thought, well, I put my fifty years in, why not get a bit back. Hence my claim. And I thought it would be easy. lol

    Love from Bobby xxx

  • You deserve it and should be awarded it. It is a disgrace how they try to get away without giving people the assistance they need. Sadly, I bet some give up because they can't deal with the stress :-(

    My doc advised me to block my bank account (I have already closed it and opened a new one with a different number) because of a company that keeps trying to get my money and that won't accept a doctor's note unless it contains more or less your entire medical record and whatnot. The doctor said to get a lawyer, but I draw the line at that in this case, I'd rather lose 849 EUR than go to court. I think that is how a lot of places work, intimidation.

    koala xxx

  • Sorry to hear that. Best get mine finished, and not expect much so I won't be disappointed.

    Fight the good fight


    Tina x

  • It is awful being a reject!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Good luck x

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