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how can i cope without my reliever

hi everyone im new and still very confused with whats going on with my health. i have had many tests over the past 2 years and been diagnosed with copd and asthma then told it just asthma then few months ago after a ct scan told copd again. my new consultant wants more breathing tests now and i been told not to use my sabutamol for 2 weeks, has any1 else done this and how did you cope when out of breath.

thank you for listening x

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Oh Lizzie

What your consultant has asked you to do seems awful. I expect that thinking you can't use your inhaler for two weeks is really scary.

You should make an appointment to see your GP (or ring the BLF Helpline) and ask what you are to do should you need to use your inhaler.

I hope you have your mind put at rest soon.

Love and hugs




Just the thought not having my reliever in my pocket would worry me, definitely get your GP to verify what the consultant wants. As salbutamol is used to both protect and relieve perhaps it's just the ''protect' side he wants to cut back.

Hope you get this sorted quickly, just the stress is enough to make you want to use salbutamol.


Perhaps ring the BLF for advice too. The number is 03000 030 555.

Lynne xx


I agree with Lynne - call the helpline. The fear of not using the reliever is enough to make you breathless! Take care. TAD xx


Calling the helpline seems like a good idea or clarification with your GP or consultant.

I think worth checking quickly as someone with asthma may get into serious problems without any medication.

Let us know what you find out.



thank you all so much for your help i am going to see my gp and i am very scared about not using it as i already am not able to do lots of things that i use to since november but am scared to even go shopping by myself at the moment incase i have attack .

Lizzy xxx


When I had an appointment for a lung function test I was told not to use any inhalers that morning, I knew I couldn't manage without them so I rang and was told I could take them when needed. I think they can make allowances for the fact that you have used them. Keep smiling

Carole x


Hope you are doing ok lizzy, let us know how you got on at the docs.

Breathe Easy.

BC x


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