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A Hospital Error!

A  Hospital Error!

I phoned the hospital today to get a better idea of what my appointment might entail and it turns out my appointment is to have a Pulmonary Function Test! so as far as I know I don't have OSA ! it was a mistake and they were very sorry! I said anyone can make a mistake but this is the same sleep clinic that sent me a home sleep test twice by you think they are all asleep in the sleep clinic ? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !

Sleep good everyone! huff :D

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Oh Huff, perhaps if you said you had they would send you somewhere else for a change. In the meantime sweetdreamzzzzzzzzzzz.

Tina x


Would love to say this surprises me Huff, but it doesn't. I have recently had a few things happen to me re hospitals, stays and outpatients, which would try the patience of a saint. At least it turns out you don't have something, would have been worse if you had and they messed it up! All the best for the PF test. Libby


my daughter works in A&E and you just wouldn't believe some of the c**k ups that happen so it is no surprise to me that your appointment was wrong, not once but twice.

Good luck with your other test.


Yes,have heard a few horror story's, good luck with it all,hope it all goes well for you eventually!! xxxx


Hi i normally have a lung function test and then wait in waiting room while the results are given to the consultant and the i have my consultant appointment, you may find it is the same for you.


I am going to have to sleep on that one



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