What do you do or intend to do in retirement?


I've often been asked ''What do you old folks do now thatyou're retired?'' Well I'm fortunate to have a chemical engineering background,and one of the things I enjoy most is turning beer,wine,scotch and margaritas into urine.

Life is good,live it



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  • Ah a magician :D

  • Waving your wand again !

  • lol @ Richard.

    Oi . . I thought you were gonna start a game of Scrabble and you went awal,

    now I understand why, you were having it off with Margarita :0))

  • Sorry,I love Margarita

  • As little as possible?

    Sun, sea and surf with Saga?

    Stop all the workers getting to the front of the post office queue during their 45 minute lunchbreak?

  • Spoil sport!

  • I'm with you king except for the beer can we include coconut I know it is odd but I love it. xxx

  • I like a lovely bunch of coconuts,There they are all ?????????????

  • Standing in a row, big ones, small ones, some as big as your head..........................

  • I still work, but for myself and on my terms. Wine for me every time.

    Lynne xx

  • Ok Whino!

  • There's nothing like a cold tin at the end of a hot day in the garden! cheers ;) x

  • Lucky you!

  • Absolute magic Richard lol


  • Retire, in lalal land everyone's retired. So I'll eat chocolate, drink coffee and talk to my friends. Then I'll go wakeboarding and scuba diving (that's after I swap my lungs for gills) Sorry gotta go got some plans to draw up and get to the patents office!

    Tina x :)

  • Oh! you are a tease

  • haaha !! ... I got made redundant, and thought I was going to have early retirement, then copd, ... then PR.... and now I exercise and eat healthy by day, and eat chocolate and practice chemical engineering by night. lol call me a copy cat, but i won't hear... I'm off to the loo. lol

    :) :) Anna x

  • I will>COPY CAT

  • Not enough hours in the day sometimes but its a g&t for me everytime. Pete rarely drinks because he gets headaches so more for me then! Thanks for the laughter Richard. xxxxx :)

  • I am not allowed to drink,but I keep getting headaches from somewhere!!!!!!

  • Well I retire officially on Friday

    Although I haven't been able to work for eight years.

    We are suppose to have a barbecue tomorrow but I feel absolutely lousy.

    No energy, totally out of breath, a splitting headache because I've contracted something called Giant Cell Arteritus.

    Been on 70 mgs of steroids as treatment since mid December.

    Consequently my weight has ballooned up by 35 pound.

    And also caused by steroids is the diabetes and cataracts I was told yesterday I have.

    The normal pension is about 115 quid I believe but the government say 142 is what a single person needs to live on so they top it up with pension credit by about 27 quid.

    Pension Credit entitles you to housing benefit and rates relief automatically.

    Because I paid SERPS whatever that is for a long time, my pension is 187 a week I'm told so I no longer apply for Pension Credit , hence no housing or rates benefits.

    So I'm saying goodbye to about 50 quid a week.

    Coming after my DLA soon as well I believe.

    Last thing I needed on here today was a retirement topic Lol


  • Lots of us in same position having paid in to pensions etc so not allowed any benefits now, but don't let it get you down just think of the song Pack up your troubles in the old kit bag and smile, smile, smile.

    Hope you feel better to-day love & XXX,s

  • Sorry John.Some of the things you mention have happened to many of us.Life can be a bit of a B sometimes.How ever I wish you well in your retirement.

    Look at my blogs for a bit of humour


  • Love it !!

  • not bad eh?

  • Such a marvellous skill. x

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