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Trouble in the valleys

It struck me this morning that there are an awful lot of Welsh people on this site. Now I have always thought of Wales as a green and pleasant land with little pollution. So why so much lung disease? Is there a high proportion of smokers in the population or does it just occur naturally? I wonder if anyone has done any research into it.

Oh well, it was just a thought.

Bobby xxx

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Coal mining

Slate quarry's

Need to say more?


That was my initial thought too, much the same as it was in the Midlands and North of England. And most cities before we started to realise clean air may be a good idea.


It's all that sheep poo.

Lib x


I am Welsh but moved to England as a child due to Da's job in the steel industry. My copd is mostly due to smoking, partly due to bronchitis and whooping cough as a child, but not Wales.

I think Wales has its fair share of other diseases related to mining, copper mining etc but my very Welsh parents lived to a good old age (late 80s) and never smoked.

Lynne xx


I am Welsh too but moved away 40 years ago because of my husbands job, and have lived in an ex coalmining area in the North Midlands for 30 years

My mother is 93 and my father died this January at 91 and he smoked a pipe for years.

It was his cigarettes that I smoked secretly when they were out shopping in Cardiff...wonder if he ever knew.

But I remember the miners when I was a child in West Wales suffering terribly with silicosis because the anthracite they mined was so hard on the lungs. That was a long time ago though.


Oh Bobby surely you know it's because we all live in caves all the damp and dripping water....


Daft-as-a-brush corner for you. Now! Go on! Corner!

Love from Bobby xxxx


No No not going so there....................


Wales there main industries were destroyed bt the tory maggie,, she also did the same in scotland,,not just coal,,also steel works ship building aluminiun smelters heavy industrie in general leading to mass unemployment,,therefore a severe drop in the standard of living ===heath declines with poverty...


Mmmmm, good point raptor but with no dirty industry left, shouldn't the air be cleaner so the people should be healthier! :-) Alison


I also noticed a lot of people I chat to are Welsh , like my Dads family, and did think on, as he and his Dad died of COPD - Then I thought that Welsh people are just a lot of fun to chat to, or, are just using the computer more effectively to commuicate, but did wonder if there are copd maps (like there is with, say, leukemia) that show cluster areas. that is if there are cluster areas. Curious thought.



High incidence of copd in rural country cos it rains a lot.


It's the leeks leaking!



dew,dew,talking a load of tup you are ,


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